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July 20, 2012     

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Sensors Insights By Melanie Martella

A Convincing Argument for Smarter Irrigation
So, I'm happy to report that it's less stinking hot today than it's been all week, (all hail, Willis Haviland Carrier for the miracle of modern air conditioning). Along with the hot weather, we've also had less rain here than usual, so southern New Hampshire rates as Abnormally Dry on the U.S Drought Monitor. In this respect, we're doing better than an awful lot of the rest of the continental U.S. continued

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InterCore Energy Plans To Acquire Legacy Group
Enters into letter of intent for scheduled closing in September. continued

Argonne and Evigia Finalize Licensing Agreement
The arrangement covers next-gen RFID sensor technology that combines regulatory authority-certified packages with patented e-seals, secure wireless interrogators, and the ARG-US software suite to monitor and track nuclear material. continued


Gesture Recognition Coming to Smart Mobiles
A recent ABI Research study predicts that 600 million smartphones will ship with vision-based gesture recognition by 2017, and an even higher percentage of media tablets will have the technology. continued

Bluetooth and ZigBee on Collision Course
ABI Research predicts that the two wireless technologies will compete in a number of new and emerging markets that require low-power wireless connections and interoperability with other devices, such as connected home devices and wireless sensors. continued

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LXI Consortium Announces IPv6 Extended Function Adoption
The adoption ensures a consistent approach to IPv6 support from LXI vendor companies. continued

CMU Lab to Test New ID Technology Using the Human Foot
Carnegie Mellon University's Biometrics Center has been selected to house the new Pedo-Biometrics Research and Identity Automation Lab. continued

Kistler Offers Flight Test Accelerometer Technologies
The company's piezoelectric and variable capacitive sensors are now available for flight test applications. continued

Philips and Daintree Take Lighting to the Next Level
Open, standards-based wireless lighting controls offers customers flexibility and a full choice of products for networked lighting systems, while helping to drive adoption of lighting controls. continued

ST Unveils MEMS Motion-Recognition Module
The new ultra-compact, multi-sensor, programmable iNEMO promises to enhance motion-sensing realism of today's portable consumer devices and shortcut the path to wearable sensor applications in sports, fitness, and healthcare diagnostics. continued


ICEdot Announces Partnership with SenseTech LLC
The companies are collaborating to launch a helmet impact sensor that detects head impacts and alerts emergency contacts in case of an accident. continued

National Committee IDs Steps to Invigorate Manufacturing
The committee, which includes university and industry Experts list 16 recommendations to 'Invigorate' U.S. Manufacturing by enabling innovation, retaining talent, and improving the business climate. continued

Ramtron and Module Technology Form Partnership
Ramtron MaxArias wireless memory now supported by new source of standard RFID readers. continued

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