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July 19, 2013     

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Sensors Insights By Dan Spohn

When to Consult the Sensor Vendor
You've been assigned to a project to develop your company's latest wizbang widget, and one of your key responsibilities is to select the right sensors for the job. If you have experience with sensors, you probably feel comfortable with the product brochures—at least enough to know that there are devices available to sense the parameters required to make the widget work properly. continued

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Top News


CrowdOptic to Receive Focus Awareness Patent
The patent will cover capabilities already part of a large, diverse, and growing range of apps for mobile and wearable technology to increase location and context awareness. continued


Kongsberg and Attunity Sign OEM Agreement
The company will embed Attunity replication technology in its information management business intelligence and operational support system, for use across thousands of vessels worldwide. continued

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451 Research Recognizes RF Code Leadership
In a recent report, the research firm identifies how critical real-time data is for the effective management of a modern data center and how RF Code has evolved to meet this demand. continued

Motor Vehicle Sensors Market Continues to Grow
Transparency Market Research predicts the global market's value will reach $25.4 billion by 2018, driven by the need for control and safety measures, with the Asia-Pacific region holding more than a 40% share. continued


Pulse Debuts New Sidewinder Current Sensor
The non-round PA3207NL core-less, light-weight, lower cost sensor fits the standard buss bar of an ANSI 2S smart meter and targets applications requiring 0.2% accuracy. continued

Leti to Improve Miniature Antenna Directivity
Working with three partners in the SOCRATE project, the company will develop concepts to significantly improve electrically small antennas with super-directivity radiation properties to reduce environmental influences and increase functionality. continued

Cypress Qualifies Bluetooth Low Energy Radio
The company will integrate the radio with its programmable system-on-chip platforms and capacitive touch technologies to address a wide range of applications, including the Internet of Things and human interface devices. continued

Red Lion Announces Graphite Series HMIs
The interfaces offer expansion capabilities that allow users to enhance the system's functionality with a variety of plug-in modules that support protocol conversion, data logging, and Web-based monitoring and control. continued

Fission Seeks Uranium Detection System Patent
The company and Special Projects Inc. have filed a patent application for an invention that uses aerial surveying to identify and map radioactive deposits. continued

TowerJazz and Crocus Debut MRAM Technology
The magnetic memory implementation offers SRAM performance in terms of speed and power with nonvolatile memory capabilities. continued

NBMC Requests Nano-Bio Technology Proposals
The consortium has asked for proposals that will lead to the development of lightweight, low-cost, conformal, and wearable human-performance monitors for military and civilian personnel in high-stress situations. continued

e2v Adds Qorivva MCUs to Its Portfolio
The first product to be added to the aerospace and defense lines will be the PC5674F, which promises to deliver next-generation avionic processing, high computing performance, and minimal power consumption. continued


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