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January 13, 2012     

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Sensors Insights By Melanie Martella

January R&D Round Up
Welcome to 2012! As we start the new year, how about some intriguing research breakthroughs? This month we've got a sensitive airflow sensor that takes design pointers from crickets, microneedle sensors for real-time medical diagnostics, and wireless probes to spot termites before they destroy your house. continued

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CSS Acquires QuadTech
The purchase will enable CSS to provide a more comprehensive line of electrical power test instrumentation and automated test systems, as well as safety testers to customers throughout North America. continued

Auto Meter Acquires ProParts
The addition of ProParts' design resources and its intellectual property will enhance Auto Meter's ability to develop innovative products for the automotive racing and enthusiast markets. continued


TI Bluetooth SoC Increases Battery Life
The wireless CC2541—which targets consumer medical, sports and fitness, security, entertainment, and home automation smart sensor applications—reduces power consumption by 33%. continued

ST Unveils Smart Sensor Suit
The iNEMO real-time body-motion reconstruction suit recognizes complex movements of the wearer's body and translates them into a digital model, which can be used to help patients and athletes identify and remedy movement problems. continued

Powercast Enhances Wireless Sensor System
The company has added two ultra-long-life, battery-powered sensors to its Lifetime Power Wireless Sensor System—used for building automation, industrial monitoring, and medical compliance—extending the unit's operating life to exceed 25 years. continued

VTI Launches Sensor Fusion Module
The unit is a 9-axis 6 DOF system for Android devices that includes the entire software stack, from the drivers to the sensor API. continued

Invensense Offers 9-Axis Motion Tracking Device
The MPU-9150 integrates single-chip 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope with AKM's 3-axis compass in a 4 by 4 by1 mm package. continued

Kionix Introduces Sensor Fusion Software
The software is optimized for low-power, high-performance applications, and it allows designers of mobile electronic devices to use a single software platform across multiple product lines even with different hardware configurations. continued

Technology Reads and Reacts to Brainwaves
Freer Logic's BodyWave sensor reads brain activity through the body and can monitor levels of attention, cognitive processing, relaxation, anxiety, or stress, as well as provide interactive control of computers or machinery. continued


EVG to Collaborate with Eulitha
The joint effort aims to develop a low-cost-of-ownership nanopatterning solution to enable the production of high-brightness light-emitting diodes. continued

Movea and UEI Announce Joint Effort
UEI will integrate Movea's SmartMotion technology on its next-generation motion-sensing remote control platform. continued

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