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August 16, 2013     

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Sensors Insights By Tom Kevan

Seeking a 360° View of Innovation
Cutting-edge fabrication processes, new materials, and nanoscale architectures are redefining sensor technology. In the drive to achieve greater miniaturization and new levels of performance, researchers are pushing the envelop of sensing with technologies like 3D printing and materials such as graphene, nanotubes, and photocurable resins. The problem is that, in the rush to introduce and commercialize the next disruptive technology, they don't always wait until they know the full ramifications of the innovations they are introducing. continued

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Top News


FLIR Acquires DOC's Micro-Optics Assets
The purchase includes fabrication equipment and more than 200 patents and pending applications associated with the design and production of complex optical surfaces, substrates, and low-cost components. continued

NASA Awards Contract to Raytheon
Under the agreement, Raytheon will develop a visible infrared imager radiometer suite for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Joint Polar Satellite System-2 spacecraft to maintain continuity of weather monitoring data. continued



Biometrics Key Mobile Payment Security Enabler
Frost & Sullivan research finds that biometric technology is emerging as an effective way of protecting application data that require high levels of security, particularly in mobile payments. continued

New Health Care Technologies and Strategies
Lux Research's report "Revolutionizing Health Care: Using New Technologies to Address Age-Old Challenges" forecasts the growing importance of low-cost distributed sensors and diagnostics to check spiraling health care costs and improve therapeutics. continued


IBM Unveils SyNAPSE Chips Programming Effort
The breakthrough software ecosystem could enable intelligent sensor networks that mimic the brain's abilities for perception, action, and cognition. continued

RFS Debuts Dual-Axis Mechanical Tilt Sensor
The AISG 2.0-compliant device performs the calibrated angle measurement required to remotely detect shifts in antenna placement. continued

Inovonics Expands Universal Transmitter Family
The EN1252 long-range dual-input universal transmitter offers five times more power than standard EchoStream transmitters and provides up to two years of battery life. continued

ams Introduces LIN Slave Companion IC
The AS8530 is a power management and communication device that supports automotive ISO26262 requirements and includes a LIN 2.1 transceiver, a 50 mA LDO to supply a local micro, and a reset generator in an 8-pin SOIC 8 package. continued

MTS Delivers Rolling Road Simulation System
Deployed within an aerodynamic wind tunnel, the system provides a moving ground plane critical for accurately replicating the unique dynamics surrounding aircraft takeoffs and landings. continued

NXP Debuts Multi-Channel Two-Way Transceiver
The NCK2983 UHF unit can receive up to three channels in parallel, shortening the period it needs to be awake when polling, reducing power consumption, and increasing system robustness for automotive applications. continued

Leine & Linde Launches DRIVE-CLiQ Encoders
The encoder platform is designed for long-life operation in harsh drive environments, where they are exposed to powerful vibrations, shocks, and mechanical loads. continued

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Innovative Edge and KoolSpan Collaborate
The two companies have entered into a strategic systems integration and development partnership to implement KoolSpan's patented TrustChip microSD encryption engine to safeguard data communications from edge and remote devices. continued


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