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April 27, 2012     

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Sensors Insights By Melanie Martella

Using Sensors to Watch and Learn
When I talk with people about the increasing use of sensors in healthcare, one of the capabilities I find most interesting is the ability to use sensors to obtain much richer data about a patient's condition, particularly as they go about their normal lives. continued

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Dytran Instruments

Top News


Silex Microsystems Receives VINNOVA Research Grant
Award highlights Silex's MEMS expertise and advanced Met-Via technology enabling advanced sensor capabilities. continued


Southern Research Wins Sub-Contract from BANC3
The sub-contract is for support and technology assistance for the U.S. Army's Warrior Enabling Broad Sensor (WEBS) Project. continued


Sofradir Shows the Future In Infrared Detection
Sofradir will demo what it considers to be the future industry standard for infrared (IR) detection in high performance systems, a prototype 10-micron pixel pitch MWIR, at SPIE DSS in Baltimore. continued

Intrinsic-ID Enables Secure Boot Software Authentication
Unique SafeKey secure boot feature on Dialog Semiconductor's SC14453S VOIP processor is based on hardware intrinsic security technology. continued

Texas Instruments

NASA Tests GPS Monitoring System for U.S. Earthquakes
The READI Mitigation Network will use real-time GPS measurements to calculate the characteristics of large U.S. earthquakes to aid early warning and disaster relief efforts. continued

ULIS Debuts I2C Infrared Sensor Pico384E
New 17-micron thermal sensor with standard serial link simplifies IR camera designs, enhancing compatibility with large-scale visible camera production. continued

ABB Announces Enhanced Insertion Flowmeter
The AquaProbe insertion flowmeter is now available with mains, battery, and renewable power sources. continued

CAN2GO Integrates EnOcean and ZigBee to Niagara Framework
The company can now integrate EnOcean and ZigBee wireless technologies into Niagara-based building automation systems. continued

Cisco Brings Intelligent Networks to Industrial Automation
Unveils new switching, routing and wireless networking products for industrial manufacturing environments to accelerate industrialization of the Internet. continued

Sensors TV


Sercos, ODVA, OPC Simplify Machinery Integration
Demonstrate machinery, and systems networking with Sercos III and EtherNet/IP. continued

JDRF Announces Research Collaboration with Dexcom
Novel "smart transmitter" will simplify artificial pancreas research by eliminating a separate continuous glucose monitoring component. continued

IEEE Announces New Standard, Development Activities
Designed to aid Smart-Grid communications and distribution automation, the efforts will enhance more robust communications and distribution-automation capabilities. continued

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