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October 18, 2013

New Products

Panel Interface Connector from ASI
Automation Systems Interconnect Inc., Mechanicsburg, PA, offers the RAI-SAC-RJ45-CB-3 panel interface connector that contains an AC outlet (15 A rated), circuit breaker in a range of amperages, and RJ45 connector. The components are housed in aluminum housing with hinged dust cover for protection in industrial environments. With dust cover closed and latched, the connector interface has IP 65 rating which provides a watertight seal.  continued >>

Photoelectric Sensors from Banner Engineering
Banner Engineering Corp., Minneapolis, MN, introduces the S18-2 compact photoelectric sensor series for high-speed automation and noncontact sensing. They are self-contained, DC-operated with advanced ASIC technology, and are resistant to fluorescent light and avoid crosstalk. Features include visible red emitter beam up to 25 m; highly visible output; and dual function power and stability indicators. Other features are ABS plastic housing; temperature range -40°C to 70°C; and 250°sensitivity potentiometer.  continued >>

Network Assisted Synchronization Service Platform from Conemtech
Conemtech AB, Kista, Sweden, announces December 2013 availability of M60 products, a reference platform for synchronizing networks. The company provides large networks with methods to synchronize large numbers of nodes using miniaturized technology. The M60 uses physical layer interface component (PHY) for network-capable equipment in telecom and smart power grids.  continued >>

Reaction Torque Load Cell from Cooper Instruments
Cooper Instruments & Systems, Warrenton, VA, offers the LXT610 flange to flange reaction torque load cell transducer for installation between test pieces such as motors, switches, axles or shafts and their mounting plate.  continued >>

Laser Distance Sensor from Dimetix
The FLS-C laser distance sensor from Dimetix AG, Herisau, Switzerland, measures absolute distances up to 500 m noncontact with accuracy of ±1 m.  continued >>

Sensors Expo Call for Papers

Remote Access from GrayWolf
GrayWolf Sensing Solutions, Shelton, CT, offers remote, cloud-based access and control to the company's meters and monitoring instruments for a variety of uses including indoor air quality (IAQ); industrial hygiene (IH); USGBC LEED IEQ Credit 3.2; heating, ventilation, air- conditioning (HVAC) & facility management (FM); and ambient air (AA).  continued >>

Pressure Transducer from Honeywell
Honeywell Sensing and Control, Minneapolis, MN, announces the PPP2 high-performance pressure transducer that accurately measures pressure data in avionics, test & measurement, and meteorology applications.  continued >>

RF Transceiver from Laird
The CL024 transceiver from Laird Technologies Inc., Earth City, MO, is a frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) radio for the 2.4 GHz industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) band, providing multiple networks to co-exist in the same area with limited interference.  continued >>

Wireless Noncontact Displacement Sensors from Lion Precision
Lion Precision, St. Paul, MN, introduces their high-performance eddy current sensors using wireless interface for measurement data for use in difficult to access areas.  continued >>

Portable Temperature Data Logger from Measurement Computing
To take thermocouple data independent of a PC you can use the battery-powered USB-5104 portable temperature data logger from Measurement Computing Corp., Norton, MA.  continued >>

Piezoresistive Accelerometer from Meggitt
Meggitt Sensing Systems, Irvine, CA, introduces the Endevco model 727 piezoresistive accelerometer for accurate shock measurement during drop testing of consumer electronic devices and other shock and impact testing environments.  continued >>

Sensors Expo

Piezoresistive Sensor Signal Interface IC from Micro Analog
Micro Analog Systems OY, Helsinki, Finland, offers the MAS6503 piezoresistive sensor signal interface IC for pressure sensors.  continued >>

Microcontrollers from Microchip
Microchip Technology Inc., Westborough, MA, introduces the PIC24FJ128GC010 family of PIC microcontrollers (MCUs).  continued >>

Hollow-Shaft Angle Sensors from Novotechnik
Novotechnik U.S., Southborough, MA, offers from their affiliate, Contelec, the WAL300 series of hollow-shaft angle sensors with high resolution of <0.3°.  continued >>

Incremental Encoders from SICK
SICK USA, Minneapolis, MN, launches the DFS2X line of programmable high-resolution incremental encoders.  continued >>

ASSPs for Gyroscopes and Accelerometers from SWS
Si-Ware Systems, Cairo, Egypt, will be offering (Q1 2014) the SWS1120 and SWS1130 Application Specific Standard Products (ASSPs) for MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers.  continued >>

Differential Pressure Transmitter from tecsis
Model SP007 from tecsis LP, Worthington, OH, is a differential pressure transmitter with customized accuracy, output, 6 pressure ports, and 5 electrical connections.  continued >>

Digital Current Sensor and Voltage Monitor from TI
The LMP92064 from Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX, is a digital current sensor and voltage monitor with simultaneous sampling and SPI interface.  continued >>

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