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April 1, 2006 By: Melanie Martella, Sensors Sensors

Handy New Products

USB-Based Tilt Sensor

The DLP-TILT from Saelig Co. Inc., Pittsford, NY, is a USB-powered intelligent board with a 2-axis, ±2 g accelerometer for motion sensing and control. It can be used for tilt sensing for up to ±60° from center in both X and Y axes with position reported in 8- or 10-bit resolution from the microcontroller's ADC. It can also be used for vibration analysis for frequencies up to 3000 Hz, AC signal analysis, and as a pointing device. (585-385-1750, info@saelig.com, www.saelig.com)

Magnetic Sensors

Honeywell SSEC, Minneapolis, MN, offers its HMC1041Z, HMC1042L, and HMC1043 magnetoresistive sensors for low-field magnetic sensing. The 1.08 × 4.10 × 1.05 mm HMC1041Z vertical sensor is for compact magnetic sensor applications such as vehicle detection current sensing. The 3.0 × 3.0 × 0.8 mm, 2-axis HMC1042L is for moderate to precision compassing and navigation applications. The 3 × 3 × 1.2 mm HMC1043 incorporates 3 sensors and is for applications where tilt-compensated compassing is required. (800-323-8295, intl. 763-954-2474, www.magneticsensors.com)

CO, NO 2 Sensor

Z Gard DS sensors from MSA Instrument Div., Pittsburgh, PA, detect the presence of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide gases in various applications. The unit uses electrochemical sensors and provides either an addressable RS-485 output or separate 4–20 mA analog outputs. The sensor with RS-485 output can operate with any Z Gard C 485 controller while the analog output sensor can be installed as a stand-alone sensor integrated with a controller, PLC, or building automation system. (800-672-4678, www.msagasdetection.com)

Anti-Fouling Transducer

The submersible Series 705 level transducer from Pressure Systems Inc., Hampton, VA, provides depth measurement in adverse conditions and features a wide Teflon-coated sensing area with a flush elastometric diaphragm to prevent clogging. Custom level ranges are from 6 ft.H2O to 115 ft.H2O and available outputs are 4–20 mA or 0–5 VDC. A welded 316 SS or titanium housing protects the electronics. (800-678-7226, sales@pressuresystems.com, www.pressuresystems.com)

Tubular Proximity Sensors

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