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Readers' Choices Revealed

January 1, 2006 By: Melanie Martella, Sensors Sensors

At look back at the product crowd pleasers of 2005

Each month, we track which product, originally covered in the e-newsletter, garnered the most reader interest. As you look at this collection of winners from 2005 you may note a couple of themes. First, you really like navigational sensor packages, such as those from Crossbow Technology and Micro-Strain. Second, you're very interested in wireless and as a result you'll see a disproportionate number of wireless or wireless-related products. Third, you people really like weather stations. As long as I've been in charge of this department, if I cover a weather station in the email newsletter I can be almost certain that it'll be one of the most popular entries.

To satisfy our own curiosity, we asked you to share with us the characteristics you found most compelling about these various products; you'll find selected comments after each product description.

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Data Logger
Scientific Technologies Inc., Automation Products Group, Logan, UT, offers the Data Dolphin 128 (DD-128) that features a 24-bit A/D section that provides 8 differential bipolar inputs with resolution down to 90 nV, allowing you to connect most sensors directly to the logger. Four additional inputs let you select pulse, status, or analog capability. The DD-128 has a waterproof case, 1 MB of nonvolatile flash memory, and an operating temperature range of –40°C to 75°C. (888-349-7098, sales@stiapg.com, www.stiapg.com)


Temperature, Humidity Monitoring
Sensicast Systems, Inc., Needham, MA, offers its Environmental Monitoring Solution (EMS) that links temperature and humidity sensors with its flexible wireless mesh sensor networking platform. The sensors conduct real-time environmental monitoring and are available with remote sensing probes. The EMS100 is an environmental management node, a component of the company's H900 wireless SensorNet system, and it reports real-time temperature and humidity to a central management application. (781-453-2555, sales@sensicast.com, www.sensicast.com)


Laser Distance Sensor
The Universal Laser Sensor (ULS) from Laser Technology, Inc., Centennial, CO, is a pulse-laser measuring device capable of cm accuracy and mm resolution and of ranging to distances of several hundred meters. Look Down Mode is for presence detection of fast-moving objects. Averaging Mode averages a specified number of individual distance measurements. Binning Mode lets the sensor acquire a single specifc target based on a burst of individual measurements. (303-649-1000, www.lasertech.com)

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