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Papers Examine Optics Design, Precision Manufacturing

December 2, 2008

Research and Markets' extensive report details the advances in optics design and precision manufacturing technologies.

DUBLIN, Ireland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Advances in Optics Design and Precision Manufacturing Technologies" report to their offering.

Selected, peer reviewed papers from the Asia Pacific Conference on Optics Manufacture 2007, 11–13 January 2007, Hong Kong, P.R. China

The aim of this collection was to provide an exciting forum for the exchange of the latest research findings and developments in the fields of optical design, advanced optics manufacturing technology and optical metrology. Approximately 250 papers from over 70 institutes and high-tech organizations in 13 countries were submitted, from which 235 papers were selected for publication in this collection.

These papers cover optical design and fabrication, ultra-precision manufacturing, optical metrology and other related topics. It will be invaluable to industrial production workers and academics everywhere.

Key Topics Covered:


  • Diamond Turning Freeform Optics
  • Fabrication of Light Guide Plate on PDMS-Based Using MEMS Technique for Application of LED-Backlight
  • A Review on Machining of Micro-Structured Optical Molds
  • Novel Approach to Fabrication of 3D Micro-Structures by Laser Machining
  • Numerical Control Interpolation Algorithm of Aspheric Surface Based on the Genetic Algorithms and Neural Network
  • Production of Micro-Optical Lenses Using Micro-Jet Drop-On-Demand
  • Research on Mathematical Models of New Diamond Turning for Non-Axisymmetric Aspheric Mirrors
  • Single-Point Diamond Turning of Aspheric Mirror with Inner Reflecting Surfaces
  • Study on Manufacturing Process Optimizing of Lightguiding Plate for Soft Computing
  • Study on Micro Fabrication of Mold Insert for Microlens Arrays by Micro Dispensing
  • Study on Micro-Feature of Backlight Module for Micro Injection Molding Technology
  • Development of a Dynamic Model for Ultra-Precision Raster Milling
  • Toward the Accurate Coverage of Aspheric Surfaces Using Two-Dimensional Scanning Paths for Minimizing Regular Errors
  • Ultraprecision Ductile-Regime Cutting of Optical Glass
  • A Non-Contact Displacement Sensor with Diffraction Grating Metrology System for Profile Measurement
  • Absolute Measurement of Aspheric Surfaces Using White-Light Interferometry
  • An Enhanced Common Path Interference Measurement Method for Optical Refractive Indices
  • An Optical System for the Ball Grid Array Inspection and Measurement Using the Back- Propagation Neural Network Technology
  • Analytical Calculation of the Light Extraction Efficiency of Micro Cavities Light-Emitting Diodes
  • Automatic Optical Inspection and Laser Cleaning of Image Sensors
  • Evaluating Frequency Error Property of Wavefront of Large Optics by PSD Collapse
  • High Accuracy Confocal Full-Field 3-D Surface Profilometry for Micro Lenses Using a Digital Fringe Projection Strategy
  • Aspheric Mirror Testing with Phase Retrieval Method
  • An Investigation of Form Errors Predicted Model for Injection Moulded Aspheric VCD Lens
  • Design of a Highly-Efficient Light Guide Plate for the Edge Lighting Backlight Module
  • Enhancement of the Optical Performances for the LED Backlight Systems with a Novel Dual Lens-Cap
  • Free-Form Reflector Design Using Differential Evolution Algorithm
  • Microlens Array Homogenizer for Laser Illuminated Projector
  • Package for Side Emitting LED
  • Side-Emitting LED Lens Design for Generating Planar Lighting Source
  • The Design of an Integrated Pick-Up Head for High-Density Digital Versatile Disk, Digital Versatile Disk and Compact Disk
  • The Driver Circuit and Focusing Lens Designed for the Laser Range-Finder
  • The Optimization of Directly-Under-Light Type Backlight Module Structure for Brightness Uniformity
  • Waveguide Structure Design of Adiabatic Optical Directional Couplers Weighted by Sin-Square Function
  • A Study on Glass Molding Press and Pitch Error Analysis of a V-Grooved Quartz Fiber Array Block
  • Analysis on Anti-Vibration Characteristic of Synchronism Phase-Shifting
  • Nanoindentation Size Effect of KDP Crystal by Instrumented Indentation Testing
  • Polarization Variation of Laser Beam Intervening Multiple Reflections within a Paraboloid of Revolution-Shaped Cavity
  • Profiles Detection in Ring Convex Forming by ACLN with Sub-Pixel Accuracy
  • Residual Strain Measurement of Femtosecond Laser Microexploded Glass by Nanoindentation
  • The Application of Motif Characterizing Method in the Surface Topography Evaluation of MEMS Device
  • Uniformity Analysis of the Passive Film for SS316 Stainless Steel
  • A Fuzzy Algorithm for Auto-Focusing Laser Diode Products
  • Optical Surface Finish of PCD Composites by Dynamic Friction Polishing
  • A Study of the Microstructure and Properties of Electroformed Ni-P Model Insert
  • An Investigation of Surface Grinding Characteristics for Titanium Alloy with CBN Wheel
  • Kinematics Calibration of Parallel Kinematic Machine Using a Developed Double-Ball Bar Gauge
  • Development of a Millimeter Scale Turning Centre for Gear Hobbing
  • Diffractive Line Beam Shaper
  • Calibration of a Photogrammetric System for Semiautomatic Measurement: CaM-DisT
  • Dynamic Characteristics in Cutting Processses for Precision Machining
  • Barrel Chamber Polishing, Using Electrochemical Theories
  • Fabrication of High Aspect Ratio Periodical Structure on Metal Using an Electroforming Process
  • Fractal and Wavelet Methods Used in the Feature Extraction of Machining Processing from 3D Machined KDP Surfaces
  • Improving Machining Accuracy of the EMM Process through Multi-Physics Analysis
  • Effects of the Tool Angles on the Machined Surface Quality of KDP Crystal in Diamond Turning
  • Surface Finishing of SKD 11 Tool Steel via Plasma-Based Electron Beam Irradiation
  • The Analysis on Penetrating Efficiency in High-Energy Beam Drilling
  • Laser Patterning Indium Tin Oxide Thin Films on Glass Substrate
  • Precision Machining of Silicon Carbide with Diamond Micro Tool Array (DMTA)
  • Stiffness Analysis for a Novel Parallel-Robot Based High-Precision Flexible Assembly Fixture
  • Studies on Ni-Mo-P Coatings by Electroless Deposition
  • The Design of an Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Torch Used for Polishing Ultra-Smooth Surfaces
  • The Influence of Surfactant CTAB on the Microstructure and Material Properties of Nickel Microelectroforming
  • The Current State and Development Trends of Deterministic Ultraprecision Optical Surfaces Machining Technology
  • The Wear Behavior of Pulse Current Electroforming Ni-P-SiC Composite Coatings
  • A Scanning White-Light Interferometric Profilometer for Smooth and Rough Surface
  • A Contact Stylus Profilometer Based on Linnik Interference Microscope
  • A Novel Time Based Current Compensator for LED Back Light Modules
  • A Rapid Prototyping Apparatus for Forming Ceramic Parts
  • Design of the Servo System for the Micro Milling Machine
  • 3D Micro-Scale Profile Measuring System
  • Automatic Optical Inspection on TFT-LCD Mura Defects Using Background Image Reconstruction
  • Stress Birefringence in Photonic Crystal Fibers Used in a Novel Field Installable LC Type Optical Connector
  • Structural Design of a Bench-Type Ultra-Precision Machine Tool for Micro-Structured Optical Components
  • Subaperture Stitching Interferometry: Problems, Algorithms and Experimental Verification
  • The Integrated Packaging Process for Optical Sensor and RFID Used in Harsh Environment Conditions
  • The Study of Fabrication of the Liquid Core Waveguide Nutrient Sensor
  • A Novel Nanofluid Synthesis System for Preparation of Nanofluid
  • Block Copolymer Films Hierarchical Assembly in Confinement
  • Fractal Contact Model between Rough Surfaces in Considering Elastoplastic Deformation and Adhesion Force
  • Microfluidic Parallel Form Mixer Utilizing Chaotic Electric Field
  • Synthesis of ZnO Nanoparticles by a Novel Gas Condensation System
  • Review of Etchants for Copper and its Alloys in Wet Etching Processes
  • Research and Simulation on the Wear Uniformity of Lapping Plate
  • Analysis of Correcting Ability of Ion Beam Figuring
  • An Experimental Study on Flow Characteristics of PBK-40 for Glass Molding Press Simulation
  • Experimental Study of Microelectrode Array and Micro-Hole Array Fabricated by Ultrasonic Enhanced Micro-EDM
  • ASPHERO5 - Simulation and Analysis of Aspherical Polishing Process
  • Microstructure Optics Designed for LED Traffic Signal Lighting
  • Solution for Best Fitting Spherical Curvature Radius and Asphericity of Off-Axis Aspherics of Optical Aspheric Surface Component
  • Optical Modeling and Analysis of Laser Centering Tester
  • Determining the Thickness and Refractive Index of a Birefringence by Using an Improved Accurate Measurement System
  • Analysis on the Performance of Differential Confocal Pointing Signal
  • Method of Analyzing the Singlet F-Theta Scan Lens for Laser Drilling System
  • Advanced Smart High Ratio Zoom System with Global Optimization
  • Analysis and Optical Design of 1:1 Projection Lithography System
  • Application of Dynamic Optical Theory in Zoom System
  • An Experimental Study of the Formation of Tool Marks Made by Facet Diamond Cutting Tools in Single-Point Diamond Turning
  • Optical System Design with High Resolution and Large Field of View for the Remote Sensor
  • Recognition of MEMS Microstructure Feature Based on Pattern Analysis and Classification
  • An Improved Data Processing Method in Differential White Light Spectral Interferometry for the Measurement of Thickness of Ultra-Thin Metallic Foil
  • A Study on the Characteristics of Micro Deep Hole Machining Processes
  • Novel Error Separation Method for Straightness Measurement
  • ELID Assisted Precision Conditioning of Coarse-Grained Diamond Grinding Wheel
  • Study on Anastomosis Feature in Polishing Zone in Aspheric Optics Machining
  • A Predictive Model Construction for the Sheared Planes in Sheet Metal Shearing Process
  • A Kinematic Study on a Novel Press System
  • Single-Point Diamond Turning of Plasma-Nitrided Stainless Steel
  • Fabrication of Large-Area Imprint Mold with High-Aspect-Ratio Nanotip Arrays of Sub-Micron Diameter
  • Feasibility Study on UV YAG Laser Patterning on Diamond Film
  • Effects of Surface Cleanness, Bonding Pressure and Contact Area of ACF on Interfacial Impedance of Chip on Glass Bonding in Flat Panel Display Assembly
  • A Study of Glass Milling Using Rotary Ultrasonic Machining
  • Study of Mold Design on SD Card with 3D Mold-Flow Analysis
  • A Study of Process Parameter Optimization for Passive Component Precision Extrusion
  • The Study of Precision Hard Turning of the Hardened Mold Steel
  • Modeling the Surface Roughness for Fine Turning of AISI304 Stainless Steel
  • The Optimal Process Analysis for Precision-Drilling of Mold Steel SKD61


  • Design of Protective Coatings for Glass Lens Molding
  • A Study on Tool Deflection Trend Using Real Captured Images in Micro Endmilling Process
  • Research on Quick Polishing of CVD Diamond Film
  • Design of Sword-Form Electrode and Ultrasonic-Aid in Electrochemical Finishing of AISI 4340 Surface
  • Performance Assessment of Design Electrode in Ultrasonic-Aided of Freeform Surface Finishing
  • A Method to Improve Uniformity of Material Removal of Chemical Mechanical Polishing in LCOS Process
  • Current Situation and Trend of Ultra-Precision Abrasive Machining
  • Study on Effects of Grinding Speed on Finish and Precision Machining in Quick-Point Grinding
  • Diamond Machining of Steel Molds for Optical Applications
  • Research on Kinematic Analysis and Post Processing Arithmetic for NC Machine Tool for Bonnet Tool Polishing
  • Prediction of Surface Roughness in High Speed Milling Process Using the Artificial Neural Networks
  • Fabrication of Phase Mask for Optical Fiber Grating
  • Optimization of Free-Form Illumination Optics
  • Experiment Research on Temperature Field in Ultrasonic Assisted Grinding Engineering Ceramics
  • Parameters Optimization of the Ultrasonic External Cylindrical Lapping Process for Nano ZTA Engineering Ceramics Using Response Surface Methodology
  • Theoretical Analysis and Experimental Verification of Triangular Fracture Defects of MgO Single Crystal Substrate in Lapping or Polishing Process
  • Development of a New Optical Coordinate Measurement Machine in Cylinder Coordinates
  • A Large Measuring Range Profilometer for Three-Dimensional Surface Topography Measurement
  • Design of Ion Beam Figuring Machine for Optical Mirrors
  • MgF2 Film Deposited by IAD with End-Hall Ion Source Using SF6 as Working Gas
  • Stage Equipped with Single Actuator for Nano-Positioning in Large Travel Range
  • Effect of the Adhesive Mass at the Cantilever Beam Tip Position
  • Study on CAN-Based Lighting and Identifying System for Automobiles
  • Fast Computing Model for Thermal Field of Auto Lamp
  • Iterative Model for Simulating Light Intensity Variation of LED
  • Regular Dot Pattern of Light Guide Used in Liquid Crystal Display Backlight
  • Ultra-Thin Design of Large Backlight Module Used in Illuminating Advertising Pictures
  • The Investigation of Dynamic Drift Angle Measuring System of Turning Platform Based on Laser-Linear CCD Technology
  • Curvature Spectrum Correction in High Spectral Resolution Minitype Spectrometer
  • Monitoring of Temperature Distribution within a Silicon-Based Micro Reformer Using Array Micro Sensors
  • Study on Accuracy Test Methods for Sun Sensors
  • Pulsed LED Illumination for High Speed Imaging
  • Manufacturing of Mold Insert with Micro Fluidic Channel Using Micro Cutting Process
  • Study of Etch Rate and Surface Roughness in Chemical Etching of Stainless Steel
  • Integration of Micro Temperature Sensor and Heater in a Stainless Steel-Based Micro Reformer
  • Application of Porous Silicon on the Gas Diffusion Layer of Micro Fuel Cells
  • Integration of Micro Array Sensors in the MEA on Diagnosis of Micro Fuel Cells
  • Metal Bipolar Plate with Micro Sensors
  • Research of Vacuum Pump with Nano-Lubricant
  • Solid Deformable Multibody Dynamic Problems in Precision Manufacturing Systems
  • Thermal Transpiration of Liquid in Nanoscale Channel: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study
  • The Electrochemical Micro-Fabrication Method for Micro-Scale Flow Channels
  • Improving Machining Accuracy of the EMM Process through Multi-Physics Analysis
  • Characteristics of Micro-Precision Machining of Glasses by Powder Blasting
  • Study on the Influence Factors of Electrochemical Micromachining
  • Research on Surface Microstructures of Nanocomposite Ceramics in Two-Dimensional Ultrasonic Ultraprecision Grinding
  • Research on Material Removal of a New Micro Machining Technology Based on the Magnetorheological Effect of Abrasive Slurry
  • Method of Examining Surface Cracks on Monocrystalline Silicon
  • Nano Molding Technology for Optical Storage Media with Large-Area Nano-Pattern
  • Heat Transfer Investigations of a Nano-Porous Silicon Film Deposited on a Flexible Cyclic Olefin Copolymers Substrate
  • Photocatalytic and UV Characterization of TiO2 Nanofluid Prepared by SANSS on HVAC
  • Effects of Light Wavelengths on the Performance of Color Absolute Judgments
  • Investigation on Elliptic-Shaped Flaring Process of Metal Tube with Finite Element Method
  • Diffraction Effect in Proximity Printing of Circular Aperture Array
  • Frequency Spectrum Features of Material Removal Function in Optical Manufacturing
  • Study of Ultrasonic Field in Polishing Based on Coupling Vibrations of Liquid
  • Influence of Process Parameters on T-Shape Tube HydroForming Characteristics for Magnesium Alloy
  • A Finite Element Analysis for the Initial Blank's Shape Design of Sheet Metal in Deep Drawing Process
  • An Empirical Approach for Identification of Sources of Machining Errors in Ultra-Precision Raster Milling
  • Investigation on Steady-State Wire Drawing for Strain-Rate Sensitivity Materials
  • Stress Analysis of Optical Fiber Sensor Embedded Composite Subjected to Tri-Axial Normal Loadings
  • A Quasi-Steady-State Thermal Model for Laser-Assisted Cutting of Zirconia Ceramics
  • Investigation of the Chip Types in High Speed Machining of SKD11 Steel
  • The Study of High Speed Turning of the Hardened Mold Steel SKD11 by Ceramic Cutting Tools
  • The Influence of Light-Cured Repairing on the Stiffness of Composite Material
  • Effect of Different Coating Materials on Cutting Performance in High-Speed Machining of Mold Steels
  • Chemical Detoxification of AflatoxinB1 in Rice by Several Solutions through Fluorescence Spectral Experiment
  • Dynamic Design for a Novel Parallel Kinematic Machine with Passive Linkage
  • Rearrangeable Nonblocking 8×8 Matrix Optical Switches Based on Extended Banyan Network
  • Measurement of Progressive Addition Lenses
  • The Process of Interior Progressive Addition Lens
  • Light Guide Plate Based on Sub-Micron Gratings
  • Novel Algorithm for Computer-Aided Alignment of Wide Field of View Complex Optical System
  • High Brightness White Organic Light Emitting Devices Employing Phosphorescent Iridium Complex as RGB Dopants
  • A Novel Living-Cell Imaging System Design with Ultra-Long Working Distance and High Numerical Aperture
  • Comparative Study of MRI and Photoacoustic Imaging on Brain Blood Perfusion Function of Rat/Mouse
  • Microscopic Three-Dimensional Imaging Theory Based on RIKES
  • Highly Efficient and Unusual Structure White Organic Light-Emitting Devices Based on Phosphorescence Sensitized 5,6,11,12-Tetraphenylnaphthacene
  • Photoacoustic Imaging Application in Tumor Diagnosis and Treatment Monitoring
  • Scanning Photoacoustic Tomography of Biological Tissues with a Piezoelectricity Double-Ring Sensor
  • Key Issues in Measuring the Velocities of Nanoparticles in Nanofluids
  • Experimental Study on the Detection of Surface-Breaking Defects on Metal with the Scanning Laser Line Source Technique
  • Monitoring of Blood Flow by Drug Stimulation on Mouse Brain Using Non-Invasive Photoacoustic Imaging Technology
  • Study of Stray Light and Cross-Talk of the Capillary Array Electrophoresis
  • Fabrication of Micro-Grating Structure on Glazed Stainless-Steel by Two-Beam Holographic Method Using Nanosecond Laser Pulses
  • Modulation Transfer Function for a Multichannel Laser Induced Fluorescence Analyzer and its Numerical Calculation
  • Correlation Study between a New Interferometric Asphere Metrology System and Fizeau Interferometer
  • Novel Design of Confocal Fluorescence Detecting System for Capillary Array and Microchip DNA Fragment Analysis
  • Thermal-Hygro-Mechanical Design for CMOS Image Sensor
  • Fast Photoacoustic System Based on an Acoustic Lens and the Peak Detection Technology
  • Machinability in Precision Grinding of Aspheric Optical Lens with Diamond Wheel
  • A Study on the Grinding to Improve Profile Accuracy of Aspheric Lens
  • The Roughness Measurement and Assessment of the Super-Smooth Surface of Hard Disks
  • Propagation Properties of Partially Polarized Gaussian Schell-Model Beams through an Aperture Lens with Spherical Aberration
  • Research on Coupling Technique of Q-Switched Laser with Fiber
  • Inspection Technology for F-Theta Lens: Practices and Discussions
  • FE Analysis and Position Accuracy Estimation of Machining System for Lens of Mobile Devices
  • Micromachining of an In-Fiber Extrinsic Fabry-Perot Interferometric (MEFPI) Sensor by Using a Femtosecond Laser
  • Aberrations of the Human Eye across the Horizontal Visual Field
  • A Study of Two-Stage Micro Injection Compression Molding Process for Diffractive Optical Lens
  • Design of Geometric Error Measuring System on a Miniaturized Machine Tool with Optics
  • Experimental Survey of Photon in the Light Quanta (hv) and Study of Interaction Mechanism of Moving Photons and Moving Electrons outside Atomic Nucleus
  • Optical Design of Very Large Four-Mirror Systems
  • A HDRI Camera Based on SLM
  • An Issue and its Processing in PIS Testing
  • The Application of Surface Fairing Technique in Progressive Lens Processing
  • Intelligent Vision Based Technique Using ANN for Surface Finish Assessment of Machined Components
  • General Study on the Dimming Control of the LED Lighting Device
  • A Study of the Scallop Generation Mechanism in Ultra-Precision Raster Milling
  • Modeling and Tolerancing for Complex Aperture Imaging Systems
  • A Framework of a Surface Generation Model in Fast Tool Servo (FTS) Machining of Optical Microstructures
  • Investigation on the Modeling and Ageing Characteristics of the HID Car Headlight Automotive System
  • Grain Size Effect in Sheet Metal Microforming Simulation Adopting Strain Gradient Concept
  • Target Tracking in Micro Injection Molding
  • Research of Surface Generation Mechanisms in Single-Point Diamond Turning
  • Fabrication of Nanotemplate and Nanowires from Bulk Aluminum at Room Temperature


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