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MEMSIC Accelerometers Achieve Single-Digit Failure Rate

July 18, 2006

Thermal technology allows the company to produce high-quality, low-cost products to meet consumer market demands.

N. ANDOVER, Mass. /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- MEMSIC Inc., a leading provider of CMOS-based MEMS accelerometers/motion sensors, announced it has achieved a single-digit parts per million (PPM) failure rate for the third consecutive year, providing "the highest quality and the most reliable accelerometers in the industry."

The need for highly reliable and robust accelerometers is growing, and MEMSIC is demonstrating "the highest shock rating and single digit PPM failure rate compared with the orders of magnitude higher PPM failure rate by competing technologies." Dr. Yang Zhao, chief executive officer, said, "MEMSIC has demonstrated year after year that high quality and low cost can go hand in hand with the right technology. MEMSIC's unique thermal accelerometer technology allows our company to produce the highest quality products with the lowest cost in the industry."

The recent launch of accelerometer-based game controllers, such as the Nintendo Wii, and the recent patent filings by Apple to integrate an accelerometer into the iPod has further increased the demand for high-quality motion sensors at the lowest cost for mobile phones, portable devices, game controllers, and for the consumer market in general. Dr. Hyuk-Jeen Suh, senior business development manager, said, "Cost and reliability will be the two driving factors for entering the high-volume consumer market at the sub-$1 pricing that our customers demand. MEMSIC leads the industry in both cost and reliability and therefore expects to meet this demand. We continue to create successful business relationships with our customers because we provide the lowest-cost solution without sacrificing quality."

About MEMSIC Inc.
MEMSIC Inc. is a semi-fabless IC company that specializes in micro-electric-mechanical Systems ICs. MEMSIC has developed and brought to market a unique CMOS-based accelerometer that contains no moving parts, is fabricated on a single chip, and is manufactured on a standard, sub-micron CMOS process. For further information, please visit the company's Web site.

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