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Luna's Distributed Sensing System Offers Centimeter Resolution

April 2, 2007

The DSS offers high-resolution strain and temperature measurements via low-cost fiber-optic sensors.

ROANOKE, VA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Luna Technologies, a division of Luna Innovations Inc., which specializes in fiber-optic test and measurement solutions, announces the advancement of the Distributed Sensing System (DSS). The improved system, which includes completely upgraded hardware and software, uses Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs) to make high-resolution temperature or strain measurements with centimeter spatial resolution over hundreds of meters. The DSS' improvements include extended measurement range and an enhanced, user-friendly interface. Luna's DSS can be used in real-time structural health monitoring, highlighting hot spots or potential failures, or optimizing process control, including applications on aircraft, wind turbines, naval or civil structures, generators, power transformers, fuel cells, and chemical manufacturing plants.

"Due to cost and performance advantages, widespread deployment of distributed fiber-optic sensors is beginning to become a reality," said Brian Soller, Vice President and General Manager of Luna Technologies. "The beauty of our new DSS platform is that it leverages the advancements we've made on our other award-winning optical-test product lines to give the end user one of the best combinations of range and resolution available on the market today. In combination with our low-cost sensing fiber and our team of sensing experts and system integrators, Luna is well positioned to deliver complete sensing solutions in even the most challenging environments."

Luna employs a unique sensor manufacturing technique that embeds FBGs in the fiber during manufacturing. The result is a robust sensing fiber and a significant cost advantage over competing FBG-based sensors, with average cost as low as $1 per sensor.

Luna's DSS is available immediately with an estimated four to six week delivery time.

Visit Luna Technologies online.

About Luna Technologies
Luna Technologies, a division of Luna Innovations Inc., located in Blacksburg, VA, manufactures and markets test and measurement equipment and integrated sensing solutions. Luna Technologies' products are used for process and control monitoring in telecommunications manufacturing, power generation and distribution, down-hole oil and gas production, aerospace, and defense applications. Its products have won numerous awards and are sold and distributed throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. For more information, visit the company's Web site.

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