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EterLink Received Patent for its BTT Technology

June 27, 2007

EterLink's brain temperature tunnel technology enables continuous and noninvasive body core temperature monitoring.

PLEASANTON, CA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--EterLink is proud to announce that it received Patent No. 7,187,960 from the USPTO for "Apparatus and Method For Measuring Biologic Parameters" in connection with EterLink's proprietary Brain Temperature Tunnel (BTT) technology.

The BTT provides a direct thermal pathway to the brain and was discovered by a physician and physicist, Dr. M. Marc Abreu. The BTT technology, as depicted in the Yale University Press Release, can create a new era for body temperature measurement.

Continuous and noninvasive body core temperature monitoring is a need and a challenge that all mankind will face with global warming and a bird flu pandemic. While machines can have their temperature monitored continuously to achieve longer survival and better performance, humans lag behind and cannot monitor this vital parameter in a noninvasive and continuous manner. This shortcoming hampers key aspects in daily life, such as, early fever detection, heatstroke prevention, optimizing performance, and automated ovulation detection. "People can, for the first time, have continuous and noninvasive monitoring of their core temperature. This creates a paradigm shift in the traditional practice of thermometry," said James Johnson, Vice President of Corporate Development.

"We are pleased to have the US Patent Office recognize and issue this very unique, strong, and clinically significant patent on the BTT technology with claims covering devices and methods using any sensor including contact, non-contact, wireless, and wired. As shown by clinical studies, we believe that our non-invasive BTT temperature measurement technology will be quickly recognized by the clinical community as the new and better reference standard for brain and core temperature measurement. In addition to the revolutionary clinical advantages, our BTT technology may lead to a significant reduction in health care costs for government, insurance companies, hospitals and consumers while improving the quality of patient care," stated Frederick Wu, Sr. Vice President of EterLink.

Video presentation on BTT can be found at the "American Institute of Physics" web site here.

About BTT Clinical Studies
Several clinical studies validated the BTT technology for noninvasive monitoring core body temperature. Selected studies can be found at the American Society of Anesthesiology web site.

About EterLink
EterLink is a privately held technology company based in Pleasanton, CA, focused on the development and manufacturing of medical products and electronic devices. The company is developing a diverse pipeline of proprietary products for medical professionals monitoring patient temperature, consumer temperature monitoring, automated vital signs monitoring stations, thermal management and therapy, medication management, and consumer electronics. Product lines include spot-check thermometers and continuous monitoring devices using wired and wireless systems as well as BTT contact sensors and non-contact infrared devices.

James Johnson, 678-779-2415
Vice President, Corporate Development

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