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Eleksen Announces Dry-Cleanable, Programmable Sensors

June 13, 2007

The new durable ElekTex sensors can be embedded in apparel and serve as controls for mobile entertainment and communications devices.

FRANKFURT AM MAIN, Germany /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Eleksen Group plc., a leading provider of touch-sensitive smart fabrics for consumer electronics in apparel and accessories, announced the release of new dry cleanable, programmable sensor technology—the next generation of its flagship ElekTex sensors to be embedded in apparel to create wearable electronics. This latest innovation is particularly suitable for apparel manufacturers to embed into everyday clothing that experiences higher cleaning frequency than ski jackets and winter coats. The new sensor is suitable for integration into hoodies, board shorts, shirts, and jeans and also works for high-fashion apparel, such as evening gowns and suits, enabling control of today's most popular electronic devices.

ElekTex smart fabric transforms labels and jacket sleeves into controls for mobile entertainment and communications devices. The sensors are popular among top clothing designers, based on the lightweight design, and amazingly durability. In this latest technology breakthrough, Eleksen has created the new version of ElekTex textile touchpads that can be dry cleaned, opening the door for manufacturers of more high-end apparel to incorporate this novel technology into their designs.

The new sensor technology features universal controls that can be programmed to be compatible with a wide spectrum of electronics, from iPods to smart phones to Zune devices. With the new universal controls, ultimately consumers will be able to purchase one ElekTex-enabled jacket, for example, and switch in and out various entertainment devices, along with compatible electronics.

"Apparel manufacturers appreciate the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of ElekTex," said Robin Shephard, CEO of Eleksen. "This next evolution of our sensor technology is easy to adapt to different types of electronics and even to modify the number of buttons on the controls. Now with the ability to dry clean this highly durable material, we expect to see a wealth of new high-end clothing lines utilizing ElekTex sensors."

For further details, visit the company's Web site.

About Eleksen
Eleksen Group plc. is a world leader in touch-sensitive, interactive textiles for electronics-interface design. The company's core technology, ElekTex, is a unique electro-conductive fabric touch pad optimized for the creation of flexible, durable, and rugged fabric touch screen interfaces. ElekTex is used in applications ranging from wearable electronic controls for consumer electronics and industrial wear to lightweight, low-power touch interfaces for CE accessories, telematics, military, transportation, and space suits. It replaces the hard touch pads, flexi-circuits, and polymer switches, which have limited the growth of the wearable electronics markets. Eleksen licenses ElekTex and reference design to manufacturers for use in custom electronics design, and it also markets a range of ready-to-integrate solutions for garment, bags, and accessories manufacturers. Eleksen is headquartered in Pinewood Studios near London, England, and in San Francisco, CA.

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