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DRS Receives $116 Million Contract from U.S. Army

August 8, 2008

The company will provide infrared sighting systems for U.S. Army tanks and other combat vehicles.

PARSIPPANY, NJ /Marketwire/ -- DRS Technologies Inc. announced it received a $116.6 million contract from the Raytheon Company's Network Centric Systems business in McKinney, TX, to provide Horizontal Technology Integration Second Generation Forward Looking Infrared (HTI SGF) sighting systems and components used aboard U.S. Army combat and tactical-wheeled vehicles, including the Abrams Main Battle Tank, Bradley Fighting Vehicles, and High Mobility Multi-Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV), providing critical common night-vision technology.

DRS will manufacture and provide Block 1 B-Kit components for Abrams Thermal Receiver Units and circuit-card assembly sets for the Commander's Independent Thermal Viewer. The company will also provide B-Kits for the Bradley Commander's Independent Viewer, the Improved Bradley Acquisition Systems, and the HMMWV Long Range Advanced Scout Surveillance System.

The work for this contract will be conducted by the company's DRS Sensors & Targeting Systems - Optronics Division, in Palm Bay and Melbourne, FL, and is expected to be completed by July 2010.

DRS's advanced high-resolution HTI SGF sighting systems help soldiers in ground vehicles detect, identify, and engage tactical enemy targets during the day or at night. The technology also contributes to information dominance by providing soldiers with digital battlefield imagery, promoting interoperability among military platforms.

"In fulfilling this contract, we will be providing tools that are essential to safeguarding American troops," said James M. Baird, President of DRS's Reconnaissance, Surveillance & Target Acquisition (RSTA) business segment, which operates the Optronics Division. "It's an excellent example of DRS's transformational contributions to modernizing the U.S. Army and of our commitment to developing leading-edge technologies to address our customers' continually evolving needs."

The company's RSTA Segment develops, manufactures, and supports electro-optical technologies, including advanced cooled and uncooled thermal-imaging solutions for soldier systems, ground vehicle, airborne, maritime, industrial, security, public safety, and firefighting applications.

About DRS
DRS Technologies Inc., headquartered in Parsippany, NJ, is a leading supplier of integrated products, services, and support to military forces, intelligence agencies, and prime contractors worldwide. The company employs approximately 10,500 people.

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