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Daylight Solutions Commercializes Mid-IR Laser System

January 26, 2009

The high-resolution, broadly-tunable mid-IR laser system is suitable for environmental and industrial monitoring research, offering 3.3 µm and 4.5 µm center wavelengths.

POWAY, CA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Daylight Solutions, Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced molecular detection and illumination solutions, announced the availability of two important laser wavelengths critical to the monitoring of environmental and industrial greenhouse gases.

The use of spectroscopy to monitor various gases has long been preferred by researchers for its accuracy and effectiveness. However, the lack of portable, easy to use laser systems with advanced capabilities in the spectral region of 3–5 µm, have limited the use of this technique for greenhouse emissions. Daylight has now solved this problem with the introduction of tunable laser systems containing wavelengths in this important regime.

New center wavelengths include 3.3 µm, which was developed in partnership with Dr. Jerry Meyer at the Naval Research Laboratory and 4.5 µm, which was developed with partners such as AdTech and others. Together these two wavelengths enable the detection of methane, ethane, nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, water, and other hydrocarbons. By integrating these wavelengths into the company's continuous wave, mode-hop-free (CW-MHF) laser system, researchers can now have access to high resolution spectroscopy sources.

Daylight's laser systems are based on the company's patented external cavity, quantum cascade laser (ECqcL) technology. These systems enable true continuous wave, mode-hop-free tuning over 100 wavenumbers at wavelengths throughout the mid-infrared region.

"The addition of these new wavelengths provides advanced capabilities for atmospheric monitoring and combustion diagnostics research," says Dr. Timothy Day, CEO/CTO of Daylight Solutions. "We are excited about the expansion of wavelength coverage down to 3.3 microns. This is just another example of our commitment to develop cutting edge tools for the environmental monitoring and research community."

About Daylight Solutions
Daylight Solutions develops molecular detection and illumination systems for use in industrial process controls, scientific research, medical diagnostics, environmental monitoring, and defense applications. The company develops sensors and offers a line of miniaturized, broadly tunable and fixed wavelength mid-infrared laser sources that can operate either pulsed or continuous wave. The company's patented technology enables small, battery powered devices that are extremely sensitive to the presence of trace amounts of molecules in real-world environments.

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