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Datastick Ships First VSA-1225 Vibration Spectrum Analyzers

May 15, 2008

The Windows Mobile/Pocket PC handheld instrument breaks down the barriers that prevent more facilities from using predictive maintenance to increase productivity.

SANTA CLARA, CA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Hot on the heels of its latest software update, Datastick Systems Inc. announced the first customer shipment of its VSA-1225 Vibration Spectrum Analyzer for the Windows Mobile/Pocket PC platform.

The VSA-1225 joins Datastick's line of PDA-based VSAs in enabling cost-conscious companies to use vibration analysis in machine condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and routine troubleshooting. The VSA-1225 consists of Datastick hardware and software, plus a Hewlett-Packard iPAQ hx2400 Series handheld computer. Datastick leverages PDA technology to reduce development costs and passes the savings on to its customers, many of whom are getting into predictive maintenance for the first time.

"Datastick smashes the two big barriers that, in the past, have prevented many companies from enjoying the proven benefits of vibration analysis to reduce unscheduled downtime," said Scandling. "One barrier is initial purchase price and cost of ownership. Our equipment costs one-half to one-fifth as much as competing equipment, and we don't burden our customers with mandatory annual fees. The other big barrier with older equipment is training time and lack of in-house vibration expertise. You can learn to operate our equipment in an hour or two, and unlike others, we encourage our customers to use outside consultants when they don't have in-house vibration experts. One last barrier came from the IT departments of some companies that have insisted on a Windows Mobile platform. The VSA-1225 tears down that barrier, too."

The VSA-1225 hardware module attaches to a HP iPAQ hx2400-series Pocket PC. (It will also work with an hx2700-series Pocket PC.) The iPAQ supplies the computing power, while SD (Secure Digital) memory cards—up to 2 GB each—provide virtually unlimited storage.

The Datastick VSA hardware module supplies the sensor power, Datastick electronics, and interface. A standard BNC connector and low-noise input accommodates almost any ICP-type piezoelectric accelerometer or ICP-type velocity sensor. A built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with optimized power management allows the VSA-1225 to operate and power ICP sensors for an 8 hr. shift.

For the Pocket PC, the Datastick Spectrum software suite includes Datastick Spectrum and Datastick Review software. Datastick Spectrum software shows and records vibration FFT spectra in acceleration, velocity, and displacement displays and a vibration decibel display. In addition, Spectrum provides time-domain acceleration wave forms, and records and displays overall vibration with color-coded ISO (or custom) alert levels. Using Datastick Review, the customer can compare previous reads with the current read in Spectrum.

Vibration data is transferred to the PC by taking the data directly from the SD card. The system includes the new version 1.85 of Datastick Reporting System (DRS) software for the PC, a special Microsoft Excel-based application on the PC. Reports are created with just a mouse click, and because DRS is based on Excel, users can share data freely across a network or by email, or publish reports to the Web.

About Datastick
Datastick Systems Inc. designs and develops innovative, cost-effective handheld test and measurement software and hardware for a broad range of industrial, research, environmental, and scientific markets. Datastick developed the "first general-purpose data acquisition hardware and software system for the Palm platform." Datastick is located at 3350 Scott Blvd., Bldg. 50, Santa Clara, CA 95054. Contact Datastick at 408-987-3400 or findout@datastick.com.

Datastick is a registered trademark, and Datastick Spectrum, Datastick Reporting System, and VSA are trademarks of Datastick Systems Inc. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Mobile, Microsoft Office, and Excel are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp. Palm is a registered trademark owned by or licensed to Palm Inc. ICP is a registered trademark of PCB Group Inc., Depew, NY.

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