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China Awards ICx $2.5 Million Contract

July 16, 2008

The high-tech firm will provide identiFINDER radiation detectors for security measures for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

WASHINGTON /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- ICx Technologies, a developer of advanced sensor technologies for homeland security, force protection, and commercial applications, announced that it has won $2.5 million in contracts to supply identiFINDERs to the Government of China for use at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, which begin on Aug. 8.

IdentiFINDERs are handheld radioisotope-identification devices. Every identiFINDER is able to rapidly locate, accurately measure, and precisely identify sources or contaminations from gamma and neutron radiation. The units are able to differentiate between dangerous radioactive materials, medical, and naturally occurring radioisotopes, such as bananas.

"We are proud to have our market-leading spectroscopic radiation detectors again being used at such a critical event. ICx also supported the 2004 Olympics through the IAEA and the Pacific Northwest National Lab, and we provided security at the 2006 FIFA World Cup," said Juergen Stein, President and CEO, ICx Radiation. "In addition to the identiFINDERs, we are also delivering a radiation-measurement laboratory truck to China for use at the 2008 Olympics. Our presence at such high-profile events is further testimony to our market leadership," he added.

Detailed information on the security steps that have been taken cannot be disclosed, although for past events, radiation-detection equipment was installed at borders and other entry points into the host country. In Greece, handheld radiation monitors were distributed to hundreds of security personnel and customs officials. This type of equipment is being deployed to detect radioactive materials that might be used as a weapon by terrorists in a radiological dispersal device, a so-called dirty bomb.

About ICx
ICx Technologies is a leader in the development and integration of advanced sensor technologies for homeland security, force protection, and commercial applications. Our proprietary sensors detect and identify chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive threats and deliver superior awareness and actionable intelligence for wide-area surveillance, intrusion detection, and facility security. We then leverage our unparalleled technical expertise and government funding to address other emerging challenges of our time, ranging from a cleaner environment and alternative energy to life science.

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