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Wireless Sensing Solutions Track


Wednesday, June 6

10:20 AM - 11:00 AM
Short Range versus Long Range: Identifying the Optimal Wireless Solution 
John Schwartz, Technology Strategist, Digi International

From Wi-Fi to ZigBee, there are numerous options to consider when deploying a wireless sensor network. This overview of Wi-Fi, 868 MHz, 900 MHz and ZigBee wireless technology will also focus on modulation technology, including frequency hopping, spread spectrum and chirp sequence.
● The advantages/disadvantages of Wi-Fi, 868 MHz, 900 MHz and ZigBee wireless technology.
● The advantages/disadvantages of modulation technology including frequency hopping, spread spectrum and chirp sequence.
● How to determine which wireless technology to use.


11:10 AM -11:50 AM
Designing Wireless Sensor Networks
Greg Burneske, Sr. VP of Engineering, SMT Engineering, LLC

Developing a wireless sensor network can be an awesome challenge or a simple matter of picking the right module, depending on who you ask. Learn more about the technical challenges and trade-offs between custom and off-the-shelf solutions.
● How to overcome the challenges of wireless sensor network design.
● How to predict power consumption, battery life and wireless range for real life systems.
● How to decide if an off-the-shelf solution or custom solution should be used.


1:50 PM - 2:30 PM
Autonomous, Battery Powered Wi-Fi Sensors for Local and Worldwide Applications
Mitch Dale, V.P. Technical Sales and Support, Roving Networks
Jonathan Oram, IT Manager, ATK

Wireless, battery powered sensors connected over Wi-Fi infrastructure have several benefits over traditional sensor networks. Autonomous sensors, each capable of data-logging and associating to multiple access points, eliminate single points of failure. More so, each sensor or sensors community can be managed and monitored from a browser or smart phone.
● Explore system architecture and hardware requirements for low power, autonomous Wi-Fi sensors.
● An XML communication protocol is presented that provides high reliability and maximizes battery life.
● Technical data and real life experiences of an environmental monitoring Wi-Fi sensor network.


2:40 PM - 3:20 PM
Open Standards for a Smart Sensor Web
Luis Bermudez, Director of Interoperability Certification, Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
Steven Ramage, Executive Director, Marketing and Communications, The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)

There are billions of Internet-connected sensors above, below and on the Earth. Standardization is the key requirement for interoperability to enable the comparison and integration of information from different sensors. Hear how the OGC's Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) standards meet this requirement in the most complex, as well as the very simple, applications.
● The benefits of SWE open standards.
● About technologies that can be used to build smart, semantically rich sensor networks.
● About exemplar projects worldwide that are using these standards to share data and manage sensors 
via the web.


3:30 PM- 4:10 PM
Is Bluetooth Low Energy the Holy Grail for Wireless Sensor Networks?
Mark Jakusovszky, Marketing Manager, EM Microelectronic

Bluetooth Low Energy is an emerging standard that leverages the customer base and market recognition of traditional Bluetooth, but is targeted at "coin-cell" powered sensor nodes. Learn about BLE technology, how it differs from traditional Bluetooth, and why it might just be the "holy grail" for wireless sensor networks.
● About Bluetooth Low Energy technology and the BLE standard.
● How BLE will be deployed to the market.
● How you can leverage the advantages of Bluetooth Low Energy to build low-cost wireless sensor networks and solutions.


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