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Synkera Technologies Attending Sensors Expo 2012

Longmont, CO – Synkera Technologies, Inc., founded in 2003, is a leading nanotechnology company focusing on gas detection, filtration, separation and support products for the air quality, industrial health/safety, and clean technology markets, and will be attending the forthcoming Sensors Expo 2012 in Rosemont, Illinois, June 6 – 7th.

New products for 2012, all utilizing Sykera’s nanostructured alumina ceramic technology platform, are MikroKera™ Ammonia sensors as well as several new prototypes under the UltraKera™ product line.

The ProKera™ and MikroKera™ lines of solid state sensors, which include detection of gases such as H2S, VOCs, Hydrogen, Chlorine, and NOx, will be displayed at the booth. Please visit the Synkera website (www.synkera.com) for further details of our commercially available sensors.

Synkera UltraKera™ sensors are being developed to deliver the same precision and performance as MikroKera and ProKera sensors, but with a significantly smaller footprint and lower power consumption. Prototypes for CO and Methane are currently under development.

Visit booth #423 to view the full range of our products, including AAO-based ceramic membranes, solid state MOS, electrochemical, and amperometric sensors. For further information, please contact Krystal Diller at720.484.8401or at kdiller@synkera.com.

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