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Symposium 1: MEMS Commercialization Opportunities for Systems and Products -Systems and Product Realization using the MEMS Infrastructure

MEMS suppliers enable complete system solutions, in a myriad of markets and applications including automotive, medical clean energy, consumer and more. Organized and hosted by MEMS Industry Group (MIG), the trade association focused on growing the global MEMS market, this one-day preconference symposium will show attendees how they can use MEMS technology to enable a wide range of commercial products. The main take away for system level customers will be that they can rely on an emerging mature MEMS infrastructure capable of delivering system level components without the cost, development time or performance risks of earlier times.

The symposium will discuss how MEMS fabrication has evolved, creating a new era of fabless and fablite manufacturing. The presentations will show companies how to realize a MEMS solution to their current product line “problem” using their existing infrastructure to “get to a product” without reinventing the wheel and without dedicated MEMS engineers.

This preconference will feature speakers and panels from the full MEMS supply chain. Starting with presentations from companies representing the MEMS infrastructure, attendees will learn how high tech, MEMS-based startups as well as well established Forbes 500 companies are relying on these suppliers. Speakers will discuss the starting point for engaging with a fabless/fablite MEMS device company, the role of design, an overview of the product groups to feed foundries, and lastly, how to choose and work with a foundry.

Before lunch, the attendees will be treated to an engaging panel discussion that will showcase several MEMS materials and technologies that are facilitating the growth of the MEMS supply chain. Panelists will cover alternate technologies like abrasive and ultrasonic drilling, SOI and wafer bonding, DRIE and etch technologies to make compound structures, address limits and practical questions by potential customers.

After lunch, the symposium will feature fabless MEMS device manufacturers, who are utilizing unique MEMS packaging and algorithms to propel their growth and customer base. Speakers will discuss how companies can be both product specific and niche oriented, and show that MEMS can be cost effectively accessible as an enabling technology without a huge development budget by leveraging off of infrastructure.

Then the symposium will feature a presentation on testing/calibration resources available within the MEMS industry to test and calibrate parts and work collaboratively with groups like MIG, SEMI, IEEE and NIST to set standards so that components can be incorporated into systems based on specifications.

The symposium will also address ASICs and signal processing; outlining signal processing components and algorithms available to complete a MEMS-based system. Topics include information processing and control, system design flexibility, and development time constraints in order to realize a complete MEMS based product or system.

The day will close with a panel discussing adapting infrastructure to a fabless and fablite world and will feature large, established companies who are actively engaging and retooling their manufacturing to take advantage of MEMS technology. This panel will also share suggestions on how can a company outside of the MEMS industry can realize MEMS based products.

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