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SENSOINK Potentiometers

Polymer print - the advancement of conductive plastic elements

Hoffmann + Krippner has achieved advancements in conductive plastic developed for polymer technology. A polymer layer printed on materials such as FR4, Kapton, and PET can be manufactured according to customer specifications and H+K offers linearization of potentiometers on request. These resistance paths can be integrated into potentiometers or applied as stand-alone potentiometer solutions. The shape, dimension and material of the wiper are determined based on the application and should be selected in close cooperation with H+K. H+K has developed a formula to print CP (conductive polymer) on inexpensive PET, resistant to abrasions, and chemicals. By eliminating the need for conventional FR4 and Kapton components, SensoInk offers the opportunity to realize cost effective solutions without any loss of quality. Furthermore, the material can be applied to radial surfaces and tubes, expanding new varieties of industrial applications.
SensoInk on PET foil SensoInk on FR4
SensoInk on PET foil
SensoInk on FR4

Sensofoil® HYBRID

Two years ago, Hoffmann + Krippner expanded the Sensofoil® product line by developing a patented membrane potentiometer for temperatures of up to 105°C. Given its reliability and high life cycles, the Sensofoil HYBRID has been implemented in Space application. The PET-HYBRID is more cost effective than a FR4-potentiometer.

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