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Sensor and System Design Track


Wednesday, June 6

10:20 AM - 11:00 AM
Navigating a Complex Sensor World
John Chong, Director, Product Engineering, Kionix, Inc.

Sensor design is becoming increasingly sophisticated, adding levels of complexity for system designers. Meanwhile, new types of sensors are proliferating, and designers are combining them in myriad ways. Discussion of recent developments in the world of inertial sensors and strategic options for integrating sensors into new products.
● Brief overview of the inertial sensor market.
● A contextual “map” for understanding the relationship between sensor and sensor platform options.
● The top five things you need to know in order to choose the appropriate sensor.
● Trends which will help you make better strategic choices in a rapidly changing sensor landscape.
● The trade-offs between different sensor options and design decisions.


11:10 AM -11:50 AM
Session to be Announced


1:50 PM - 2:30 PM
A Novel Approach to Simulating and Interacting with Physical Sensors with SPICE
Patrick Noonan, Engineer, National Instruments
Reza Moghimi, Applications Engineering Manager, Analog Devices

This session discusses the use of SPICE simulation technology to develop and control sensor models including strain, temperature and light-based sensors.
● How to use SPICE technology in modeling sensors and how to evaluate a sensor model in a circuit or system design.
● By using sensor modeling technologies and SPICE, better understand sensors and address issues such as linearity, range and noise in your applications.
● How to design an application with sensors using vendor specific sensor models rather than simplified source signals to get a more accurate understanding of your systems.


2:40 PM - 3:20 PM
Magnetic Sensor Design Tutorial: What It Is and Why You Should Care
Perry Holman, Principal Design Engineer, Honeywell International

Magnetic sensors are found in a wide range of applications such as motors, solar panels, automobiles, and hydraulic cylinders. They are used to sense electrical current, position of a cylinder, and speed of machines.  This tutorial gives you a basic understanding of the terminology, technologies, devices, and some pitfalls to avoid.
● How magnetics and magnetic sensors can and should be used in your system.
● How magnetic sensors work, when to use them, and a basic understanding of how to use them.
● Acquire a better understanding of how magnetic sensors can work within your system.


3:30 PM- 4:10 PM
Optimizing the Chip and System with Low Cost Design of a Single Chip Brushless DC Motor Controller
Mike Donnelly, Technical Marketing Engineer, System Level Engineering Division, Mentor Graphics
Reid Wender, Vice President, Marketing & Technical Sales, Triad Semiconductor

This session provides a hands-on demonstration of a design environment for the development of a BLDC chip and complete system involving electronics, sensors and mechanical elements. The design exploration will utilize configurable mixed-signal via-configurable array technology.  This VCA technology coupled with a unified EDA environment will allow for the design and simulation of the mixed-signal ASIC as well as system simulation and optimization of mechatronics elements, FEA-based BLDC modeling and mechanical dynamic loads.

• Learn how to design and simulate a mixed-signal brushless DC motor (BLDC) chip with an easy to use design environment.
• Discover a chip and system evaluation environment for the design of complex systems that involve electronics, sensors, and mechanical components.
• Learn about the design trade-offs and optimizations that can be made in a real BLDC motor control system.

• Gather a clear perspective on using this design methodology to quickly and inexpensively model and design your next mixed signal solution involving: a configurable chip solution, sensors and mechanical elements. 

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