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Novel Approaches to Measurement & Detection Track


Wednesday, June 6

10:20 AM - 11:00 AM
Spectral Methods to Extract Useful Information at Very Low Signal-to-Noise
Ralph Levy, CTO, Quant Engineering

Quantitative measurement of spectral components is important for finding species of interest in environmental, food and pharmaceutical applications. This is true of intended components as well as detection of contaminants. Full spectral methods can greatly increase the accuracy of optical measurements, even when signal-to-noise is less than 1.
● Learn recent numerical techniques to extract information in noisy signals. 
● Learn to quantitatively predict statistically-expected accuracy of species detection in very low signal-to-noise measurements. 
● Why full spectral methods allow greatly increased quantitative accuracy in spectral analysis.
● How to apply matrix-algebraic methods to spectra, including enough math details to demystify the application and to allow you to apply the techniques in your own projects. 


11:10 AM -11:50 AM
Position Sensing for Harsh Environment, Mobile Applications: Pan-Tilt-Zoom Actuator for Military Vehicles
Arthur Holzknecht, Sales Manager, Renishaw, Inc.
Pragnesh Patel, Senior Engineer, Moog-Quickset

This session provides an overview of solid state position sensors for low-cost, harsh-environment applications. An illustrative case study will be presented: The selection of angular position sensors for a Pan-Tilt-Zoom actuator for use in military vehicles and related applications. Selection criteria and achieved performance will be discussed.
● Overview of SoC (System on Chip) Position Sensor technology and applications.
● Performance of SoC position sensors, and suitable applications.
● Selection criteria for specifying and choosing SoC position sensors, including cost-benefit versus alternative approaches to position sensing.
● How the sensors perform in a real world application, with examples of particularly demanding performance criteria.


1:50 PM - 2:30 PM
Non-Traditional Measurements with Eddy-Current Sensors
Gregory Speckman, Technical Services/Customer Support Manager, Kaman Precision Products

Many displacement applications present physical and environmental constraints that make the typical sensor/target configuration impossible. A novel approach to typical position measurements are detailed, application concerns are reviewed, and test results are presented.
● Gain insight and understanding into basic eddy-current technology.
● How to review many of the standard application concerns that apply to all applications of eddy-current sensors.
● Learn that "thinking outside the box" can in some instances make the seemingly impossible possible.


2:40 PM - 3:20 PM
Snapshot Hyperspectral Imaging
Jim Daly, Program Manager, Bodkin Design & Engineering, LLC

Hyperspectral imaging has important benefits in remote sensing and in chemical and/or target detection and identification. This session presents a class of hyperspectral imaging systems which utilize a unique optical processor that provides video rate hyperspectral datacubes for spectral chemical identification of materials within the imager’s field of view.
● Learn how this technology enables spectral image/scene analysis.
● Why hyperspectral imaging is useful for identification of chemical species in an image.
● How hyperspectral imaging can be used for process control, detection of surface contamination on food, or medical tissue diagnosis.


3:30 PM - 4:10 PM
Developing an Ultra Low Power CO2 Sensor
Alan Henderson, Director, Gas Sensing Solutions
Dr. Gilles Chabanis, Schneider Electric

Enhanced building automation in relation to air quality control & monitoring and building energy savings is highly topical. This session describes a new, easily deployed technology delivering wireless low power consumption (battery or self-powered) combined humidity, temperature and carbon dioxide sensor, focusing on building control legislative and cost requirements.
● Learn about a new technology approach that addresses the needs of building automation indoor air quality control and monitoring.
● How the technology and the ultra low power wireless sensor interface board compatible with battery operated and self-powered applications were developed.
● How the keys of this success were a comprehensive study on the sources of noise coming from this new type of optoelectronics IR components combined with an ultra low noise and ultra low power readout electronics.
● Understand the use of novel mid infrared light emitting diode and photodiode light source and detectors within fast response and high sensitivity carbon dioxide gas sensor optimized for use in building automation.
● The LED/PD Technology can be applied to other applications other than Building Control i.e. Safety, Industrial, Diving, Automotive and Horticultural. There is also a High Speed Sensor which can measure 20 times/second for Pseudo Medical Applications.  


Thursday, June 7

10:10 AM - 10:50 AM
Accurate Liquid Level Measurement and its Effect on General Aviation Safety and Performance
Cody Morrow, Project Engineer Mechanical Systems, Cirrus Aircraft
Scott Philiben, President, CIES Inc.

A case study on several sensor technologies and the choice of magneto-resistive sensor technology to be applied in the digital aircraft environment.
● How new sensor technology can be applied to an existing float based liquid level system to achieve improvement in accuracy and longevity.
● How a combination of cost-effective sensors allow automatic switching and transfer of fuel and liquid in small aircraft, providing a significant safety advancement for this transportation mode.


11:00 AM - 11:40 AM
Capacitive Ceramic Pressure Sensors
Max Jochem Kreutzer, Senior Expert, Endress + Hauser GmbH +Co. KG

Description and comparison of pressure sensor technologies and capacitive ceramic sensors in detail, including future improvements. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of different pressure sensor technologies, and that there is no perfect pressure sensor technology: it’s a matter of different technologies for different applications.


1:40 PM - 2:20 PM
Optical Strain Measurement for Model Validation
John Tyson, President, Trilion Quality Systems
Angelo Nichols, President, Dynamic Control

3D Digital Image Correlation provides complete full-field measurement of 3D shape, displacements, strains. These full-field results can be directly compared to the computer models for fast, precise and efficient model validation. The power and savings of these efforts can lead to improvements towards lean design and manufacturing.
● How optical 3D displacement and strain measurements provide rapid and precise analysis of materials and structures.
● How noncontact optical strain measurements can provide full-field results on all materials from ceramics to thin films, and for understanding complex structures like composites, biomaterials and other non-isotropic materials.
● How to achieve efficient analysis of complex structures as well as the true interface effect of each component.
● Why, when combined with optical thermal measurement, full-field strains can be corrected for thermal expansion, providing true mechanical strain measurement.


2:30 PM - 3:10 PM
New Long Stroke Vibration Shaker Design using Linear Motor Technology
Patrick Timmons, Calibration Systems Engineer, The Modal Shop
Mark Schiefer, Senior Scientist, The Modal Shop

This session presents the theoretical operation and practical considerations of the design and implementation of a linear motor based long stroke calibration shaker. The shaker’s performance verification and specifications will be discussed in relationship to low frequency accelerometer calibration. In addition, new areas of application in calibration will be shared.
● Learn the application of linear motor technology to low frequency vibration calibration.
● Learn the inherent challenges of performing low frequency accelerometer calibration.


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