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Energy Harvesting Track


Wednesday, June 6

10:20 AM - 11:00 AM
Energy Harvesting Markets and Opportunities: 2012-2022
Harry Zervos PhD, Technology Analyst, IDTechEx 

This session gives an impartial view from a leading industry analyst on the current and future prospects for energy harvesting in wireless sensors. The challenges, opportunities, case studies of success and unmet needs will be covered, along with ten year forecasts.
● Hear impartial views on the current and expected status of energy harvesting, with detailed forecasts.
● Understand what the driving sectors are.
● Learn about the latest technology breakthroughs from around the world.


11:10 AM -11:50 AM
Lifelong Power for Standard Wireless Instruments through Thermal Energy Harvesting
Wladimir Punt, VP Sales & Marketing, Micropelt GmbH

A growing base of wireless sensors increases the maintenance load. Replacing batteries with energy harvesters can eliminate maintenance for the sensor's life. Thermal energy harvesting taps into the most prevalent and reliable energy source in technical environments: waste heat. New developments allow connecting of harvesters even to installed instruments.
● Refresh the principle of thermoelectric power generation.
● Understand the structure of a thermoharvester.
● Learn about the concept and power budgets of thermoharvesting.
● See a field retrofit adapter concept connecting energy harvesters and installed base wireless instruments.


1:50 PM - 2:30 PM
Energy Harvesting Devices for Wireless Monitoring for Rotorcraft
Chris Townsend, Executive Vice President of Engineering, MicroStrain

By combining energy harvesting technologies with advances in wireless sensing, extending component lives through enhanced usage tracking is achievable, thereby reducing maintenance costs, enhancing mission readiness, and increasing safety. This session details challenges associated with available harvesters, and offers a solution to more effectively power WSNs from disparate vibration environments.
● The benefits and difficulties associated with wireless sensor nodes for condition based maintenance (CBM) and prognostics and health monitoring (PHM).
● The current challenges associated with harvesters, including the difficulty of effective energy harvesting in disparate vibration environments with a single application.
● An overview of the varying vibration spectrums in a rotorcraft application, and of the design process for finding a solution to harvest the energy source.
● The viability of the new design through proven bandwidth testing & tuning and environmental testing.
● How to effectively scavenge and convert energy to power typical wireless sensor applications in very different, but common, vibration environments. 


2:40 PM - 3:20 PM
RF-Powered, Passive Wireless Sensor Tags and High-Function RFID
Harry Ostaffe, VP, Marketing & Sales, Powercast

This session covers RF power harvesting for battery-less, passive wireless sensor tags and high-function RFID tags. RF power sources, performance, and example applications will be discussed.

● Learn benefits of RF energy as a source of power for battery-less sensors and high-function RFID tags.
● Understand the performance capabilities of RF power harvesting.
● Hear about existing research projects, commercial products, and potential applications.


3:30 PM- 4:10 PM
A Durable and Sustainable Strap Type Electromagnetic Harvester for TPMS
Soobum Lee, Research Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame

A new concept design of an electromagnetic energy harvester is proposed for powering a tire pressure monitoring sensor (TPMS). The innovative design of thin coil strap attached on the circumferential surface of a rim and a permanent magnet placed on the brake caliper system generate electrical energy by electromagnetic induction.
● Learn an innovative wiring and insulating strategy for the implementation of the coil strap to maximize energy generation.
● The advantages of the proposed design which can enhance durability and sustainability because it does not require material deformation.
● See how the proposed harvester generates a unique waveform of open circuit voltage.


Thursday, June 7

10:10 AM - 10:50 AM

Low Cost Power Generation Techniques and Requirements for Wireless Sensor Applications
Dr. Robert G. Andosca, Founder, CEO and CTO, MicroGen Systems, Inc.

Session description to be announced.


11:00 AM - 11:40 AM
Smart Energy Design Techniques for Zero Power Devices
Steve Grady, VP - Global Marketing, Cymbet

New Internet of Things devices are smarter, smaller, wireless, use integrated sensors and demand life of product powering. This session details new smart energy technologies and design techniques that harvest ambient energy to power these devices. Areas covered include:
• New energy harvesting techniques that use light, temperature, motion, vibration, flow or RF to power medical products.
• Introduction to smart solid state rechargeable batteries that can be embedded in zero power devices, are intrinsically safe, with disposal like other ICs.
• New power management IC, microcontroller, radio and sensor technologies.
• Design techniques and “secret tips” for creating successful EH-based products.
• Tear down of a millimeter scale EH wireless Intra Ocular Pressure sensor. 


1:40 PM – 2:20 PM
Living life under 1uW - Extreme Deeply Embedded Computing
Mark Buccini, Director, Texas Instruments

In the world of energy harvesting, wireless sensor system and implantable medical devices, available power is pushed to the absolute minimum, but at the same time, require some level of real-time computing. Is it possible to compute under 1uW? With careful hardware and firmware design, the answer is a remarkable yes! This presentation will outline common and often over-looked practices as well as completely unique techniques that can be utilized today using off-the-shelf microcontrollers (MCU) that achieve real-world, deeply embedded computing under 1uW. 

To achieve the absolute lowest possible power consumption, the smartest system-level design is in order and include; hardware set-up, power-wise firmware design, minimized active time, peripheral feature usage and the most efficient sensor measurement are required. Understanding exactly just where power is consumed, how to minimize it and avoiding the most common traps are discussed. A live and interactive demonstration will be made using the techniques discussed.


2:30 PM – 3:10 PM
Integration of Thin-Film Thermoelectrics in New Energy Harvesting Sensor Applications
Bob Collins, VP of Business Development, Nextreme

Advances in distributed sensors and sensor networks have led to an increased interest in the use of renewable power sources to replace or augment existing power systems. The use of heat is an attractive source of energy for many low-power sensor applications.
● Hear how microscale thin-film thermoelectrics are creating new applications and markets for energy harvesting, ranging from motion sensors in buildings and integrated bearing condition monitoring in turbine engines to data acquisition in plumbing and hands-free faucets.
● Learn how energy harvesting using thermal energy can substantially increase product lifetimes in the field and reduce the total cost of ownership by eliminating battery replacement.

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