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Big Data & Analytics Track


Wednesday, June 6

10:20 AM - 11:00 AM
Turning Sensors into Business Value
John Ricketts, Distinguished Engineer / CTO, IBM

Hear how organizations with complex operations are able to turn sensor data into key performance indicators that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of roads, water, energy, public safety, etc.
● How sensor data is being turned into key performance indicators.
● Learn about route optimization, leak detection, problem tracing, and safety alerts derived from sensor data.
● Hear about innovative ways that users are improving their operations. 


11:10 AM -11:50 AM
Real-Time Control in a Big Data World
Damian Black, CEO, SQLstream

Technology is driving a step change in sensor network capability – the availability of low cost and intelligent sensors, the availability of wireless networks for sensor data collection, and intelligent GPS-enabled devices. This is both an opportunity and a challenge. Better and more frequent data enables lower latency and more efficient operations, however operational systems today are struggling to deliver real-time performance when faced with Big Data volume.

• Explore the performance challenge of integrating and processing Big Data sensor network streams in real-time with low latency response.
• How to make the most of your data with real-time correlation and location-aware analytics.
• How to protect investment in existing operational infrastructure to deliver real-time management and control applications.


1:50 PM - 2:30 PM
You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure: Turning Sensor Data into ROI
Matt Jennings, Vice President of iDigi Applications, Digi International

Organizations invest millions of dollars deploying remote sensor networks and gathering data about their assets. This session discusses how to effectively use that data to benefit your organization and monitor ROI, and how it can be used for Key Performance Indicators leading to lower costs, enhanced communication and operating efficiencies.
● How to effectively monitor the critical data points on a deployed sensor network.
● How to apply the collected data to impact business decisions and processes.
● How to determine economic impacts of sensor data collection and its application.


2:40 PM - 3:20 PM
Connecting Sensors to the Cloud Made Easy!
Tom Dever, Director Business Development/System Architect, Exosite

Learn how painless it can really be to connect sensors in the field to cloud services. Our goal will be to connect devices using off-the-shelf gateway components and show just how easily we can provision the devices via cloud services. Once these devices are connected, we will explore data manipulation, via scripts, in the cloud and in-field updating of the devices. Join us and see just how easy this can be.
• Learn about device/sensor provisioning using the cloud.
• Practice collecting and manipulation data in the cloud.
• How to handle in-field updating of devices—reduce truck rolls, save money!


3:30 PM- 4:10 PM
Challenges of Integrating Sensor Data
Jeannette Wilson, Product Line Manager, Consumer and Industrial Sensors, Freescale

Today’s systems combine multiple sensors, increasing design complexity. Integrating data from multiple sensors remains challenging while still requiring ease of use and reduced power consumption. One solution is a dedicated architecture to manage sensors. Explore the concept of a sensor hub to simplify design and improve efficiency.
● Learn the technical challenges in sensors systems like increased complexity, software fusion, power consumption and effectiveness of data aggregation.
● Explore system innovations using different sensors.
● Understand the intelligent sensor concept and its benefits and its trade-offs.


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