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Applied Sensing Track


Thursday, June 7

10:10 AM - 10:50 AM
Applications of Piezoresistive Fabrics in Dynamic Pressure Sensing and Mapping
Andrew Frank, VP Sales & Marketing, Vista Medical
Jamshid Avloni, President/CEO, Eeonyx Corp.

Piezoresistive fabrics change their electrical resistances when compressed or stretched. Recently developed piezoresistive fabrics have become critical components in new, dynamic pressure sensing and mapping devices such as smart, adaptive beds for preventing bedsores. The advantages of piezoresistive fabrics and their specific uses in pressure sensing applications will be highlighted.
● Recent developments in electrically conductive fabrics and their numerous applications.
● The advantages and benefits, such as quick response time with no hysteresis, of piezoresistive fabrics vis-a-vis conductively loaded films.
● How piezoresistive fabrics can be used in a variety of pressure sensing devices including smart beds.


11:00 AM - 11:40 AM
Rapidly Creating Connected Applications through Modeling, Tagging, and Relating Sensor Data
John Canosa, General Manager M2M/OEM Solutions, ThingWorx

We live in a rapidly changing world where the traditional “design, develop, deploy” lifecycle is no longer able to keep up with changing requirements on the ground. This session introduces a new way to rapidly develop sensor-based applications: applications that go far beyond just collecting and analyzing sensor data.
● See how sensors can become full participants in an interactive, collaborative knowledge-sharing community.
● How to rapidly develop “connected applications” that integrate and synthesize data from sensors, humans, and business systems.
● How sensors can securely blog and publish information/events that can be routed to approved, interested parties, be they people, applications, or other sensors.
● The benefits of having interactive ‘chat’ conversations with your sensors.


1:40 PM - 2:20 PM
Open Source, Programmable Multi-sensor Peripheral for Android Devices
Mark Wagner, President, Sensorcon
Ben Madoff, Sr. Engineer, Sensorcon
Mark Rudolph, Sr. Engineer, Sensorcon

Open source software combined with numerous environmental sensors enable various multi-parameter applications like weather forecasting, crowd sourced air quality index determination, and others.
● Learn about a simple/low cost Android interface for your transducer/hardware products.
● How to develop sensor applications for Android/Windows without the need to develop any hardware.
● New entertainment applications for sensors besides motion sensors.
● Learn sensor data fusion concepts for complex applications like food safety/analysis.


2:30 PM - 3:10 PM 
Sensors, Networks and Software: Innovating the Internet of Things
Will Tu, ARM

Today we hear about the Internet of Things, the idea of connecting billions of products to the internet. This session examines the trends in Sensors, Networks, and Software, the catalysts that will bring about the Internet of Things. These three elements have revolutionized smartphones, mobile computing and soon industrial, medical, security, and other embedded applications. In order to be prepared for this next industrial evolution learn how to harmonize the three catalysts so that 50 billion “Things” will be relevant to the humans that interact with them.

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