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A New Vision for Pervasive Computing: Moving Beyond Sense and Send   October 1, 2007
By: Joe Polastre,PhD

A new approach to wireless sensor networking adds local intelligence to the nodes, creating pervasive computers and enabling sensor networks that can both acquire data and initiate action without human intervention.

Embedded Web Services: Making Sense out of Diverse Sensors   May 31, 2007
By: David E. Culler, PhD,Gilman Tolle,PhD

Integrating networks of sensors has been a goal for years, from the creation of device profiles and industrial networking standards through to the adoption of ad hoc wireless sensor and control networks. Web services promise to ease the integration of these disparate and distributed elements.

Wireless Signal Congestion: Whatever Happened to Peaceful Coexistence?   October 1, 2006
By: Dr. Peter Fuhr,Hesh Kagan,Jose Gutierrez, PhD,MS ,PhD ,Rob Conant, PhD,Wayne Manges, MS

There was significant channel congestion and the wireless systems didn't always function as the exhibitors had hoped.

Dealing with Measurement Uncertainty   July 1, 2006
By: Patrick L. Walter,PhD

One transducer's desirable response can become another transducer's undesirable response.

The Sensor Web: Distributed Sensing for Collective Action   July 1, 2006
By: Kevin A. Delin,PhD

Wireless sensor networks seem to be everywhere. Technology magazines talk about them. Universities offer courses on the topic. Companies, both large and small, are working aggressively to push the development of these systems. Despite this interest and activity, such systems have not yet achieved...more >>

TinyOS: Operating System Design for Wireless Sensor Networks   May 1, 2006
By: David E. Culler, PhD,PhD

Typically, a TinyOS application is a concise program built upon a set of system services and reflecting the processing logic of its particular domain."

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