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Glenn O. Allgood

A Perspective on Data Analysis   December 1, 2001
By: Glenn O. Allgood,Wayne W. Manges

Now that you have it, what are you going to do with it?

Sensor Agents--When Engineering Emulates Human Behavior   August 1, 2001
By: Glenn O. Allgood,Wayne W. Manges

Researchers are studying the human mind to find ways of enabling smart sensors to mimic our ability to learn, make decisions, communicate, and work together. Will these intelligent agents be managing your plant in 10 years?

Wireless Sensors--Buyer Beware   April 1, 2001
By: Glenn O. Allgood,Wayne W. Manges

Wireless sensors are beginning to proliferate in the marketplace. But will the advertised solutions actually meet real-world application requirements, and if so, what will be their impact on operations? You be the judge.

Measuring Inclination for Instrumented Parachute Drops: A WORK IN PROGRESS   September 1, 2000
By: Glenn O. Allgood,James Lee,Timothy D. Vane,Wayne W. Manges,William B. Dress Jr.

The search is on for a way to accurately determine the orientation in space of a person or an object as it parachutes to Earth. The object is to further ensure the safety of military personnel and mat?riel.

Intelligent Wireless Sensors for Industrial Manufacturing   April 1, 2000
By: Eric Lightner,Glenn O. Allgood,Michael R. Moore,Stephen F. Smith,Timothy J. McIntyre,Wayne W. Manges

Can wireless sensors eliminate the headache and expense of wiring the manufacturing facilities of the nation's leading industries? The Department of Energy thinks so.

It's Time for Sensors to Go Wireless; Part 2: Take a Good Technology and Make It an Economic Success   May 1, 1999
By: Glenn O. Allgood,Stephen F. Smith,Wayne W. Manges

What will it take to bring wireless sensors to real customers for real applications? As we all know, a good idea doesn't always guarantee technical or economic success.

It's Time for Sensors to Go Wireless; Part 1: Technological Underpinnings   April 1, 1999
By: Glenn O. Allgood,Stephen F. Smith,Wayne W. Manges

Trends are moving us toward the integration of wireless communications with sensors. The important question is when should you begin the transition to these systems.

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