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New Sensor Technologies Accelerate Robot Evolution     October 21, 2016

Article By: Mark J. Donovan

In contrast to a multitude of new sensor types, there are four key sensor technologies fundamental to nearly every new industrial and consumer robot under development today.More>>

Renaissance Of Rail Travel: Communication Innovations Enable A New Age     October 7, 2016

Article By: Richard Weatherburn, Khachig Arjinian

Rail service providers can take advantage of a new era in communications technology that supports the vision for more efficient, ecologically sound, and reliable transportation.More>>

Harmonious User Experience with Leading Sensor Technology     September 30, 2016

Article By: Jay Esfandyari, PhD

This article focuses on gesture recognition as part of human computer interaction (HCI) and gives an overview of hardware and software implementation of gesture recognition and its applications.More>>

Sensors Expo Midwest 2016: Education And Applications Are Top Priorities     September 23, 2016

Article By: Mathew Dirjish

It’s nice to know what the ‘next big thing’ is, but it’s even nicer to know what you can do with it.More>>

Powering IoT Applications With Energy Harvesting     September 23, 2016

Article By: Terry Pennisi

Current energy harvesting solutions are only gathering energy in the microwatt range, however new technologies have emerged that are easily able to harvest 10 mW or more consistently.More>>

Compressed Sensing Is The New Kid On The Block     September 16, 2016

Article By: Dr. Paulo Pinheiro

New applications, especially wearable body sensors in medical applications, require techniques that are more efficient and compressed sensing offers a potential solution.More>>

How To Extend Industrial IoT Control To The Edge     September 9, 2016

Article By: Colin Geis

Remote asset management requires the integration of complex and ongoing communication, control, and data management tasks. Here’s how to achieve control.More>>

How The Digital Dossier Works In A Sensor-Heavy World     September 8, 2016

Article By: Manuel Terranova

With no ceiling on the number of sensors in the IoT and IIoT, the data infrastructure most companies have in place is not ready to find, access, and process the enormous amount of real-time data that emanates from complex machines.More>>

Simulating Print Head Unimorph Actuators     September 2, 2016

Article By: Lexi Carver

Engineers use multi-physics simulation to gather compliance data for improving industrial print head actuator performance.More>>

FRAMs Perform As Low-Power Non-Volatile Memory In Smart Meter Apps     August 26, 2016

Article By: Harsha Venkatesh

Ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) exhibits low-power and high-endurance characteristics that make it suitable for smart e-meter applications.More>>

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