Vertical Dual-Hall Sensor Detects Direction And Speed

Vertical Dual-Hall Sensor Detects Direction And Speed
Infineon Technologies AG
December 19, 2013

Infineon Technologies AG introduces the TLE4966V, a vertical dual-Hall sensor for detecting rotation direction and speed. The device is described as the first dual-Hall device that orients integrated Hall plates vertically and not horizontally on the chip surface. This approach makes it sensitive to magnetic fields with in-plane direction. Its 90º orientation change provides flexibility to fit designs into space-constrained areas. Other features include a 4-mA to 7-mA current consumption and compatibility with systems from 3.5V to 32V. In a TSOP-6 package, samples of the TLE4966V are available now with production coming around July 2014. For more details and specs, go to http://www.infineon.com/dgdl/Speed+and+direction+sensor+TLE4966_pb.pdf?folderId=db3a30431ce5fb52011d29818c631b6b&fileId=db3a3043372d5cc801376ea740283def

Infineon Technologies
Milpitas, CA


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