SLQ-QT500 Liquid Flow Sensor

SLQ-QT500 Liquid Flow Sensor
Sensirion AG
July 9, 2013

Sensirion, Staefa, Switzerland, announces its newest liquid flow sensor, SLQ-QT500, designed for the high purity requirements of the semiconductor industry.  It can be used to monitor coating processes with a variety of liquids and enables optimal process safety with great precision measuring liquid flow in the range of 0-120ml/min.

With an absolutely straight flow channel and no moving parts, the sensor’s microthermal flow measurement is performed through the flow channel wall, which separates the chip from the measured liquids. Therefore, only the PFA tubing and the quartz flow channel are in direct contact with the liquid, guaranteeing the sensor’s  chemical resistance. Combined with the RS485 digital interface, the sensor is able to achieve an exceptionally reliable measurement with a sample rate of up to 1 ms.

Suitable for liquids with a very high viscosity (100,000 cP and more), the sensor is also suitable for measuring hydrocarbon-based solvents such as photoresists, as well as water-based liquids such as TARC and H2O2. With the SLQ-QT500, liquids with virtually any viscosity as well as liquids which contain particles can be measured.


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