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MCUs For Sensor Apps Set Size Benchmark

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ROHM Semiconductor
March 10, 2014

LAPIS Semiconductor, a ROHM Group Company, unveils what it is calling the industry's smallest low-power microcontrollers (MCUs) for sensor management, data collection, and processing. Measuring in at 3.1 mm x 3 mm, the ML610Q793 andML610Q794G include the company's original eight-bit RISC CPU Core (U8), a 16-bit coprocessor for arithmetic operations, and analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). Multiple digital interfaces are on board including an I2C slave for connecting to a host processor. Both devices operate at rates up to 4 MHz (4 MIPS) and include 64 KB of flash memory for program storage, 4 KB of RAM for program use, and 8 KB of dual-port RAM for data logging.

To support analog output sensors there are three channels of 12-bit successive approximation analog-to-digital conversion (SA-ADC). For interfacing to digital sensors and wired/wireless communication devices, four ports are available: SPI Master, I2C Master, UART, and Synchronous I/O. General Purpose I/O and an I2C Slave I/F for interfacing to a host processor are also on tap.

The ML610Q793 is available in a 48pin WL-CSP and the ML610Q794G with all of the features of the ML610Q793 plus a crystal clocking circuit comes in a 48pin QFP. Samples of the ML610Q793 are available now with pricing set at $1.25 each/4,000. Samples of the ML610Q794G will be available in July with pricing set at $1.35 each/4,000.

For more details, visit and a datasheet is available at

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC
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CompanyROHM Semiconductor
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