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Electrolytic Caps Relish Radical Temperatures

Electrolytic Caps Relish Radical Temperatures
Illinois Capacitor Inc.
April 29, 2014

The AVD, SVH, SVL, and UVK Series surface-mount electrolytic capacitors feature maximum temperature ratings of +105ºC to +125ºC. Capacitance ranges from 1 µF to 1,000 µF for the AVD, SVH, and SVL Series and from 10 µF to 470 µF for the UVK Series. All series have a maximum voltage rating of 50WVDC. Prices in OEM quantities start at $.023 each. Datasheets are available for each series.
• SVH Series: http://illinoiscapacitor.com/pdf/seriesDocuments/SVH%20series.pdf
• AVD Series: http://illinoiscapacitor.com/pdf/seriesDocuments/AVD%20series.pdf
• SVL Series: http://illinoiscapacitor.com/pdf/seriesDocuments/SVL%20series.pdf
• UVK Series: http://illinoiscapacitor.com/pdf/seriesDocuments/uvk%20series.pdf

Illinois Capacitor Inc.
Lincolnwood, IL


CompanyIllinois Capacitor Inc.




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