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Software for Very Large Sensor Networks: OrderOne Networks Scalable Embedded   June 1, 2013

In this article we introduce software that can be used to easily create large sensor networks for use in utility network metering, transit systems, and oversight of large industrial operations and facilities, among other applications.More>>

Thermistors As Accurate Temperature Sensors Part 2: Application and Results   May 1, 2013

In Part 2 of this two-part article we apply our method to a real-world application and show how, by combining estimation methods with thermistor characterization data, we can achieve high accuracy measurements over a wide temperature range using the simple voltage divider circuit we described in...More>>

Thermistors As Accurate Temperature Sensors Part 1: Introduction and Methods   April 1, 2013

This two-part article describes how to use a simple voltage divider circuit with a thermistor to achieve high-accuracy temperature readings over broad measurement ranges. Part one discusses the circuit and various temperature estimation methods.More>>

True Continuous Background Calibration   April 1, 2013

This article describes a technique for correcting signal-path errors for sensor analog front ends to reduce offset and gain errors and to achieve high accuracy and linearity.More>>

A Novel Micro-optical Sensor Automates Control of Bioprocesses   February 1, 2013

A new sensor enables in situ measurement of key chemicals in fermentations, enabling closer control and optimization of the fermentation process.More>>

Simplifying Humidity Measurement with Single-Chip Relative Humidity Sensors   January 1, 2013

Humidity measurement is increasingly important in an expanding number of industries. In this article we discuss a single-chip relative humidity (RH) sensor that offers robust performance, a small size, and low power consumption and can enable accurate humidity sensing in a wide variety of...More>>

Optimizing Embedded Software in Your Sensor Application   December 1, 2012

By combining best practices with sophisticated software development tools and debuggers, engineering teams can produce compact, low-power sensor products.More>>

Change Is Afoot in the Data Acquisition Market   November 1, 2012

VDC has partnered with <i>Sensors</i> magazine to assemble comprehensive demand-side and supply-side studies on the market for data acquisition (DA) systems, examining the respective markets for external chassis and module products, plug-in analog I/O board bus architectures/form factors, and...More>>

Why Use Isolated Signal Conditioners? Part 2: DC and AC Common-Mode Rejection and Measurement Range and Input Protection   November 1, 2012

Isolating power sources and sensor signals is the most effective method for eliminating undesirable ground loop currents and induced electrical noise when collecting data using PC-based DA equipment. This article provides an understanding of how measurement inputs become corrupted and why it is...More>>

Can Batteries Really Last 25 Years?   October 1, 2012

A 25-year service life is becoming an international standard for long-term battery performance in wireless sensor applications. However, achieving this milestone is often difficult to prove, because primary (non-rechargeable) lithium batteries cannot be easily tested in conditions that accurately...More>>

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