Process News
Report reveals machine learning, IoT, and streaming will grab the spotlight     December 2, 2016

Ovum's 2017 Trends to Watch: Big Data report highlights machine learning will be the factor that disrupts the landscape the most. More>>

Distribution & Substation Automation Technologies Revenue Expected to Total $109 Billion From 2016 to 2025     November 17, 2016

Distribution and substation automation technologies and solutions will enable utilities to deliver on the promise of a self-healing smart grid, report finds More>>

Water-Treatment Machine Cleans Up The Dirtiest Water     March 17, 2016

WATER treatment technology claims it can clean some of the world’s most polluted waste liquids cheaply, quickly, and efficiently. More>>

Predictive Maintenance
HBM nCode Federal LLC Awarded Contract    August 23, 2012

The subcontract from QinetiQ is part of a condition-based maintenance pilot program for U.S. Army TACOM vehicles.More>>

Fluke 805 Vibration Meter Redefines Vibration Screening    May 24, 2012

Provides best-in-class repeatability, accuracy for checking overall health of motors and other rotating equipment.More>>

Pursuing Accurate, Reliable Vibration Sensing for Condition-Based Predictive Maintenance    January 1, 2011

Article By: Bob Scannell

Condition-based predictive maintenance uses the vibrations of machinery to diagnose its health. This article considers the characteristics of an ideal vibration sensor for this purpose and introduces the ADIS16227 integrated industrial vibration monitor.More>>

Process Automation
Distribution & Substation Automation Technologies Revenue Expected to Total $109 Billion From 2016 to 2025    November 17, 2016

Distribution and substation automation technologies and solutions will enable utilities to deliver on the promise of a self-healing smart grid, report finds More>>

Frost & Sullivan Recognises Emerson Process Management for its Unparalleled Process Automation Services    December 18, 2014

Emerson's extensive service portfolio has been instrumental to its growth and success in snagging 2014 European Industrial Services for Process Automation Company of the Year Award More>>

ThingWorx Launches the First Marketplace for the Internet of Things     November 18, 2013

ThingWorx today offers immediate availability of the ThingWorx Marketplace, a global platform that enables developers, hardware and software providers, and systems integrators to build value-added IoT/M2M components and make them available to a broad range of companies. More>>

Flow Sensing
Improving Doppler-Based Sensing Systems    September 1, 2007

Article By: Priyabrata Sinha

By incorporating high-performance digital signal controllers (DSCs), with their integrated architectures and small footprints, designers can simplify Doppler-based sensing systems, enhance their performance, and reduce development cycles.More>>

Measuring Viscosity with a Surface Acoustic Wave Sensor    October 1, 2005

Article By: Kerem Durdag

A new solid-state viscometer combines the desirable features of resonators and delay lines to offer a wide dynamic range in a single unit.More>>

Ultrasonic Flowmeter Basics    October 1, 1997

Article By: John Flood

Doppler and transit-time flowmeters are gaining ground in liquid, and in some instances gas, flow measurement applications. Understanding how they work will help guarantee optimum performance.More>>

Level & Leak Detection
The Proper Use of Guided-Wave Radar in Steam Loops    May 1, 2012

Article By: Keith Riley, Ravi Jethra

This article discusses the use of guided-wave radar (GWR), also known as time-domain reflectometry (TDR), in your steam loop, including the way that this technology functions and how it differs from more traditional forms of level indication.More>>

Ultrasonic Transmitters vs. Guided-Wave Radar for Level Measurement    March 1, 2011

Article By: Dave Grumney

With more than 20 different level measurement technologies on the market today, it is important to choose the right level transmitter for your process conditions. This article provides information on two of the most commonly used level measurement technologies—ultrasonic and guided-wave radar...More>>

RAE Systems Granted United States Patent for Dosimeter    November 18, 2009

Radiation detector deployed in GammaRAE II R increases measurement range and detects rate and dose. More>>

Featured Articles
Software for Very Large Sensor Networks: OrderOne Networks Scalable Embedded    June 1, 2013

Article By: David Davies

In this article we introduce software that can be used to easily create large sensor networks for use in utility network metering, transit systems, and oversight of large industrial operations and facilities, among other applications.More>>

Thermistors As Accurate Temperature Sensors Part 2: Application and Results    May 1, 2013

Article By: Darren O'Connor, Kasandra O'Malia

In Part 2 of this two-part article we apply our method to a real-world application and show how, by combining estimation methods with thermistor characterization data, we can achieve high accuracy measurements over a wide temperature range using the simple voltage divider circuit we described in...More>>

True Continuous Background Calibration    April 1, 2013

Article By: Amy Le

This article describes a technique for correcting signal-path errors for sensor analog front ends to reduce offset and gain errors and to achieve high accuracy and linearity.More>>



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