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Miniature Sensor Connectors from Binder-USA    March 30, 2006

Binder-USA LP, Camarillo, CA, offers Series 707 M5 sensor connectors and cordsets. The connectors are 6 mm o.d. and are available in 3- and 4-post versions. They are rated at 125 V and 1 A/contact. Cable connectors are PUR overmolded and offer IP67/68 protection when mated with the receptacles. The...More>>

Inductive Proximity Switches from Contrinex    March 30, 2006

Series 509 M8 analog sensors from Contrinex Inc., Old Saybrook, CT, have a 0–4 mm sensing range and offer temperature stability between –25°C and 70°C and repeat accuracy. Sensors are available with output voltage ranges of 0–5 V or 0–10 V. Applications include regulated approach to end...More>>

Communications, Control Modules from CyberResearch    March 30, 2006

CyberResearch Inc., Branford, CT, offers >30 CM 7000 communications and control modules for monitoring and controlling shop-floor equipment. CyMOD modules communicate over a simple twisted-pair RS-485 bus, with up to 256 modules on a single bus. Ethernet or USB converter modules accept these...More>>

Analog Signal Conditioners from Dataforth    March 30, 2006

Dataforth Corp., Tucson, AZ, has added the 8B49 voltage-output and 8B39-07 bipolar current-output modules to its SensorLex 8B family of isolated analog signal conditioners. Modules accept high-level voltage inputs from a process control system and then isolate, filter, and boost the resulting...More>>

UV Hazard Meter from Gigahertz-Optik    March 30, 2006

The handheld X1-1 from Gigahertz-Optik Inc., Newburyport, MA, provides and displays separate UV-C/B, UV-A detector measurements and can calculate and display the sum of the two detector readings for more accurate UV hazard assessment per ACGIH/ICNIRP guidelines. The XD-9506 detector covers the full...More>>

Compact Pressure Transmitter from IFM Efector    March 30, 2006

The PI Series from IFM Efector Inc., Exton, PA, is designed for sanitary applications. The 316 SS transmitter is rated IP69K, withstands high-pressure cleanings and extreme washdown conditions, and offers <0.2% F.S. accuracy. Features include a 4-digit integrated display with continuous indication...More>>

Digital Force Gauge from IMADA    March 30, 2006

The handheld ZP from IMADA, Northbrook, IL, distributed by Ron Berns & Associates, Northbrook, IL, measures any push/pull force, records, and processes 1000 measurements/s, and can transmit the data through its USB port. Features include programmable set points, selectable units, and capacities up...More>>

Load Cell from Kistler-Morse    March 30, 2006

The Load Disc 3 (LD3) from Kistler-Morse, Spartanburg, SC, is a semiconductor strain-gauge-based load cell available in capacities from 1000&ndash;25,000 lb. and used to continuously monitor the weight of material for in-process and bulk-storage vessels. Accuracy is 0.08%. The load cells can take...More>>

Rugged IR Thermometer from Land Instruments    March 30, 2006

The RT8A IR thermometer from Land Instruments Intl., Infrared Temperature Measurement, Dronfield, U.K., is designed to be integrated directly into a 2-wire 4–20 mA current loop for measuring, monitoring, and control. Four models are available, covering operating temperatures from 0°C–500°C....More>>

Triaxial Shock Recorder from MadgeTech    March 30, 2006

The portable UltraShock from MadgeTech Inc., Warner, NH, measures and records peak shock, temperature, humidity, and ambient pressure over a user-defined interval. The device samples at 512 Hz and stores peak shock values for a selected interval from 64 readings/s to 1 reading/5 min. and...More>>

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