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Piezoresistive Accelerometer from Meggitt    October 18, 2013

Meggitt Sensing Systems, Irvine, CA, introduces the Endevco model 727 piezoresistive accelerometer for accurate shock measurement during drop testing of consumer electronic devices and other shock and impact testing environments. More>>

Piezoresistive Sensor Signal Interface IC from Micro Analog    October 18, 2013

Micro Analog Systems OY, Helsinki, Finland, offers the MAS6503 piezoresistive sensor signal interface IC for pressure sensors. More>>

Microcontrollers from Microchip    October 18, 2013

Microchip Technology Inc., Westborough, MA, introduces the PIC24FJ128GC010 family of PIC microcontrollers (MCUs). More>>

Hollow-Shaft Angle Sensors from Novotechnik    October 18, 2013

Novotechnik U.S., Southborough, MA, offers from their affiliate, Contelec, the WAL300 series of hollow-shaft angle sensors with high resolution of <0.3°. More>>

Incremental Encoders from SICK    October 18, 2013

SICK USA, Minneapolis, MN, launches the DFS2X line of programmable high-resolution incremental encoders. More>>

ASSPs for Gyroscopes and Accelerometers from SWS    October 18, 2013

Si-Ware Systems, Cairo, Egypt, will be offering (Q1 2014) the SWS1120 and SWS1130 Application Specific Standard Products (ASSPs) for MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers. More>>

Digital Current Sensor and Voltage Monitor from TI    October 18, 2013

The LMP92064 from Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX, is a digital current sensor and voltage monitor with simultaneous sampling and SPI interface. More>>

Tantalum Capacitors from AVX    September 30, 2013

AVX Corp., Greenville, SC, offers the THH 230°C series of hermetically sealed, high-temperature (-55°C to 230°C) SMD tantalum capacitors with high capacitance, high-temperature stability, and volumetric efficiency, as well as min. 1000 hr. lifetime for high-temperature, humid and ambient...More>>

Miniature Slide Switches from C&K Components    September 30, 2013

C&K Components, Newton, MA, offers the JS slide series switches. More>>

Triaxial Vibration Monitoring System from Cooper Instruments    September 30, 2013

Cooper Instruments & Systems, Warrenton, VA, partnering with Dytran, offers the Dytran 5340 USB triaxial accelerometer in the VibraScout vibration measurement system, which also supplies 15 ft., 4-pin cable assembly and acquisition and post-processor software. More>>

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