Toshiba Extends TOSLINK Family with New Fiber Optical Transmission Modules

April 4, 2014

Modules Handle Transmission of Control Signals in Energy Sensitive Applications

IRVINE, CA -- Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC) announced the addition of four new models to its line-up of TOSLINK® fiber optic transmission modules: the TOTX1350(F), TORX1350(F), TOTX1350(V,F) and TORX1350(V,F). The new models have a data rate of direct current (DC) to 10Mb/s for distances up to 100m using all plastic fiber (APF), and are designed for low power consumption.

Toshiba's TOSLINK is a data transmission system that utilizes optical signals in place of electrical signals. TOSLINK does not emit any electromagnetic noise, and performs more reliably than electrical data transmission, as the optical cable is not susceptible to electromagnetic interference. The new TOSLINK models enable high speed, long distance and low consumption current optical communications, making them well-suited for transmission of control signals in energy sensitive applications including wind and photovoltaic power generation systems, control devices, amusement machines, battery controllers, and various industrial devices.

Utilizing a proprietary high-power, high-reliability infrared LED allows the new TOSLINK models to be driven at a lower current than existing products[1]. Transmission distance of 40m to 100m can be achieved with a 6mA drive current, and distances of 0.2m to 50m with a 1.5mA drive current a full ninety percent lower than existing products[1].

In addition to the ability to be driven at a lower current, the new TOSLINK models also employ an optical receiving module that uses a single-chip light sensor IC, which contains a photodiode, an amplifier and a waveform-shaping circuit (automatic threshold control circuit), and operates at 20mA (max.).

The new TOSLINK models are available in both horizontal-type and vertical-type packages: The TOTX1350(F) and TORX1350(F) are horizontal-type optical transmitting and receiving modules; and the TOTX1350(V,F) and TORX1350(V,F) are vertical-type optical transmitting and receiving modules.

Main Specifications:
• Transmitting side: IF=6mA (Transmission distance 40m to 100m) / IF=1.5mA (Transmission distance 0.2m to 50m)
• Receiving side: 20mA (max.) / 9mA (typ.)
• Data rate: DC to 10Mb/s (NRZ code)
• Transmission distance:0.2m to 100m (Using APF)
• Compatible with the JIS F05 optical connector.
• Operating temperature:-40°C to 85°C
• Power supply voltage:5±0.25V

Pricing and Availability
Mass production of the new TOSLINK models is scheduled to begin in April. For more info, visit http://www.toshiba.co.jp/index.htm

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