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Wireless & M2M News
RFID Group Supports Open-Source Low-Level Reader Protocol     July 30, 2007

The technology providers are backing development of EPCglobal-compliant software libraries that will enable EPCglobal UHF Gen 2 communications via the universal reader-to-network interface.More>>

Aruba Networks and Alcatel-Lucent to Develop Mobile Solutions     July 30, 2007

The enterprise infrastructure modules will identify, authenticate, and manage users regardless of the means by which they access the network.More>>

Intel Charged with Antitrust Violations     July 27, 2007

European Commission charges Intel with violating EU competition laws.More>>

austriamicrosystems Launches Supervisory IC     July 27, 2007

The AS1923 quad voltage microprocessor supervisory circuit offers precise monitoring of multi supply systems without the need for external components.More>>

Telemedical Blood Glucose Monitor on Exhibit     July 27, 2007

BodyTel Scientific to exhibit at the American Association of Diabetes Educators 2007 annual meeting, bringing it's Bluetooth-enabled blood glucose monitor.More>>

Unique Quantum Effect Found in Silicon Nanocrystals     July 25, 2007

Quantum dot materials may improve efficiency of silicon solar cells.More>>

'Dalmatian' Locates First Responders in Critical Situations     July 25, 2007

ENSCO Supports Rex Systems to develop the system to accurately locate and guide to safety a first reponder within a GPS-denied environment.More>>

Network Chemistry Sells its Wireless Security Business     July 24, 2007

Network Chemistry has sold its wireless security business to Aruba Networks. The company will focus on its on-demand search for IT.More>>

Grape Networks Invades Europe     July 24, 2007

The company, which specializes in wireless sensor monitoring of vineyard microclimates and sensor canopy management, establishes offices in France & Germany.More>>

MachineTalker Acquires Wideband Detection Technologies     July 23, 2007

The UTEK subsidiary's GuardDog technology provides intrusion detection and data relay to a satellite or other receiver.More>>