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Logica and AirSage to Provide Real-Time Traffic Information     June 5, 2008

The partnership will deliver reliable and timely data and services to drivers and businesses across Europe, which will reduce travel time, mitigate congestion, improve accessibility, and reduce carbon emissions.More>>

Coradyn Biosystems Licenses Smart Sensor Material     June 4, 2008

The new responsive, conductive polymer technology has the potential to be used in biosensors or chemosensors that enable RFID, wireless, laboratory, healthcare, and industrial processing device applications.More>>

Perpetuum and CAP-XX Develop Battery-Free Condition Monitoring     June 3, 2008

The system combines a vibration energy–harvesting microgenerator and a supercapacitor, which together collect and store enough energy to transmit sensor data over wireless networks.More>>

Cisco and AeroScout to Collaborate     May 30, 2008

The joint effort will integrate AeroScout Location Engine software with Cisco's Mobility Services Engine.More>>

EnOcean Alliance Founded to Enable Intelligent Green Buildings     May 30, 2008

The consortium is made up of major international companies that have united to create a broad range of interoperable wireless monitoring and control solutions.More>>

NASA Names Ball Aerospace Contractor of the Year     May 29, 2008

The award recognizes the company's contribution to the success of the Goddard Space Flight Center's mission.More>>

OATSystems and Cisco to Collaborate     May 29, 2008

The partnership will integrate OATindustrial RFID applications with Cisco's Context-Aware Mobility Software, which will reduce deployment time for RFID systems by integrating flexible, standards-based applications more tightly with existing business processes.More>>

Sensis Awarded New Delhi Airport Surveillance Contract     May 27, 2008

Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, India expands Sensis Advanced - Surface Movement Guidance and Control System for its terminal and runway expansion project.More>>

MagnaChip Introduces Feature-Optimized VGA CMOS Image Sensor     May 23, 2008

The MC501EA, which is intended for use in slim, high-performance mobile phones, integrates VGA (640H by 480V) resolution with an advanced image signal processor to enable compact camera modules.More>>

Long-Range Radar,Video Sensing to Improve Vehicle Safety     May 22, 2008

Bosch's Hoetzer discusses how these technologies are advancing vehicle safety, comfort and convenience at Telematics Detroit 2008.More>>

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Deep Learning for Vision Using CNNs and Caffe: A Hands-on Tutorial – 9/22/16 – Cambridge, Mass


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