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Impeva Labs Completes $10 Million Round of Series B Financing     November 4, 2008

The funding will enable volume deployment of wireless Global Sentinel Units, which support global asset tracking, monitoring, and security measures.More>>

Agriculture Goes Wide-Area Wireless     November 4, 2008

Using Greenpeak's ultra-low-power wireless infrastructure, Sensing&Control's maintenance-free soil-monitoring system serves remote vineyards and open-field applications via extremely large wireless mesh networks.More>>

IPS Offers Dev Platform for Energy Harvesting     October 31, 2008

The company's application development platform for testing and evaluating its industry-leading thin-film micro-energy storage technology empowers designers to rapidly prototype embedded microsystems using energy harvesting.More>>

Wireless Sensor Platform Has Rich Media Capabilities     October 31, 2008

Crossbow Technology's Imote2 multimedia board streamlines audio and video image capture for wireless sensor network applications.More>>

KVH to Begin Shipping FOGs for Remote Weapon Stations     October 31, 2008

KVH has received permission to ship its DSP-3100 precision fiber-optic gyros (FOGs) that are critical to weapon accuracy in stabilized remote weapons systems.More>>

CalAmp Embeds Ember ZigBee Tech in WiMetry Platform     October 30, 2008

The WiMetry IP-based wireless communications platform enables wireless meter reading and other Smart Grid applications.More>>

Perpetual Power Solutions to Save $1 Billion in Labor     October 30, 2008

A new market research report from ON World highlights power solution advances such as energy harvesting, super capacitors and rechargeable thin film batteries that promise to reduce labor costs and the environmental impact from disposing millions of batteries.More>>

Samplify Announces ADC with Real-Time Data Compression     October 29, 2008

The low-power, 16-channel, 12-bit ADC with Samplify's Prism data compression reduces I/O pin count and power consumption in ultrasound equipment and WiMax wireless base stations.More>>

Cymbet Introduces EnerChip CC     October 29, 2008

The company has introduced two thin-film batteries with integrated battery management.More>>

Wireless Mesh Covers New Ground for Weather Network     October 29, 2008

The wireless network from Firetide supports hops of nearly three miles over the diverse terrain of Korea's Jeji Island to compile weather trend and warning data to researchers and residents.More>>

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