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MIT and Texas Instruments Develop Energy-Efficient Microchip     February 6, 2008

The research could lead to longer-lasting, self-charging cell phones, medical electronics, sensors, and wireless devices.More>>

AeroScout and Reva Launch Comprehensive RFID Solution     February 5, 2008

The partnership will combine active and passive technology to deliver a single platform to view and manage all enterprise assets, regardless of the asset being tracked or the technology used.More>>

Freewave Launches Cathodic-Protection Remote-Monitoring Radio     February 4, 2008

The addition to the company's family of products automates corrosion monitoring for oil, gas, water/wastewater pipeline-integrity applications.More>>

Wireless Vibration Sensor to Facilitate CBM     February 1, 2008

MachineTalker's product will read, process signals from up to 6 sensors and communicate data into a wireless mesh network.More>>

Wavecom to Acquire Anyware Technologies     February 1, 2008

Combining Wavecom and Anyware technologies creates a unique, best-of-breed M2M platform to address Worldwide M2M market.More>>

Digi Extends High-Speed 3G Cellular Router Product Line     January 31, 2008

The Digi Connect WAN 3G targets simple Ethernet to high-speed cellular requirements.More>>

NovAtel to Establish Galileo Monitoring Sites in Canada     January 30, 2008

The company will provide test receivers into the GIOVE-A Galileo experimental sensor stations to monitor the test satellites involved in the European Union's navigation satellite system.More>>

Sun Small Programmable Object Technology Open Source     January 30, 2008

Open Sourcing, new pricing, and grant programs make Sun SPOTs attractive to educators, researchers, and developers of environmental, robotic, and embedded computing applications.More>>

Latest ZigBee Specification and Golden Units Available     January 29, 2008

Public availability of ZigBee technology foreshadows new products available from ZigBee members this year.More>>

Tollgrade Joins GridWise Alliance     January 28, 2008

Industry group collaborates on improving performance of electric power utilities; Tollgrade's LightHouse smart grid technology allows utilities to more quickly identify problems on the grid.More>>





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