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March 1, 2005 By: Melanie Martella, Sensors Sensors

Product News is but a sampling of the many, many products we've seen recently. The ones included this month reflect a trend, are different enough to make me sit up and take notice, or are nice implementations of current technology.

At the end of the section is this month's Readers' Choice, awarded to the product that garnered the most notice from readers of Sensors Express ( in recent weeks.

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CMOS Voltage Comparator

The ALD2321 EPAD (electrically programmable analog device) from Advanced Linear Devices (ALD), Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, is an analog voltage comparator designed to reduce input loading effects that cause linearity errors and limit the resolution and sensitivity of many sensors. The comparator features a front-end stage with input-signal power specification of 0.004 pW, 110 µA power supply current, max. 0.2 mV offset voltage, 50 mA output sink current, dual complementary (push-pull) outputs, and 30 TTL load fan-out. (408-747-1155,

Presence Sensor

The Checker 101 from Cognex Corp., Natick, MA, is the first in a line of vision sensors designed to do a single task fast and well. The Checker 101 checks for the presence or absence of multiple items and is designed to be simpler to use than most vision systems. It can analyze >400 images/s and its design provides illumination, optics, a vision sensor, a processor, memory, and I/O in one cell-phone-sized industrial-grade package. (508-650-3000,

Mesh Network Rapid Prototyping Kit

The MeshNetics Cube developer kit from Luxoft Labs, Bellevue, WA, lets you develop, prototype, and test a mesh network node and contains all necessary tools (microcontroller boards, data communication boards, interface and wireless boards, sensors, actuators, and system software). The modular plug-and-play design lets you experiment with building blocks using technology from different manufacturers to find the right combination for your application. The system uses the TinyOS OS. (425-452-1001,,

Ruggedized Vibration Analysis

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