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February 1, 2005 By: Melanie Martella, Sensors Sensors

Product News is but a sampling of the many, many products we've seen recently. The ones included this month reflect a trend, are different enough to make me sit up and take notice, or are nice implementations of current technology.

At the end of the section is this month's Readers' Choice, awarded to the product that garnered the most notice from readers of Sensors Express ( in recent weeks.

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Leak Test System

The Falcon from Cincinnati Test Systems, Inc., Cleves, OH, simultaneously determines leak location and total leak rate. The system interfaces with a matrix of Intelense sensors; in-probe microprocessors initiate data processing. The software manages the signals from multiple sensors and an onscreen graphics display shows the leak location and identifies the leak rate. The system also communicates leak information to designated factory communication networks in real time. (513-202-5103,,

1 W OEM Radio Modem

The 9XTend 900 MHz OEM RF modem from MaxStream, Inc., Lindon, UT, has power output selectable from 1 mW to 1 W (30 dBm) conducted while consuming 780 mA at 5 V. The wireless modem modules feature 256-bit AES encryption, hardware/software for immunity to RFI, –110 dBm receiver sensitivity, and range of 15 miles LOS (40 miles with high-gain antennas). Data rate is 120 Kbps over the air, with –103 dBm receiver sensitivity and 10 Kbps with –110 dBm receiver sensitivity. (801-765-9885,,

Network-Based Control System

Yokogawa Corp. of America, Newnan, GA, has enhanced the configuration and control functions of its STARDOM network-based control system, which consists of function-specific control, operation, and monitoring components that are networked together. The system achieves the reliability and supportability of DCS and the openness and versatility of PC- and PLC-based systems. With the 1.50 release of the system's autonomous controllers, engineering of control loops is now 50% more efficient and dual-redundant Fieldbus modules are supported. (800-258-2552,,

Vibration Spectrum Analyzer

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