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April 1, 2005 By: Melanie Martella, Sensors Sensors

Product News is but a sampling of the many, many products we've seen recently. The ones included this month reflect a trend, are different enough to make me sit up and take notice, or are nice implementations of current technology.

At the end of the section is this month's Readers'Choice, awarded to the product that garnered the most notice from readers of Sensors Express ( in recent weeks.

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High-Voltage DAC

The iCMOS AD5764 from Analog Devices, Inc., Norwood, MA, is a quad, serial-input, bipolar, voltage-output DAC with 16-bit resolution, 1 LSB INL, 1 LSB DNL, and gain and offset calibration to <1 mV. It features 4 high-accuracy, 16-bit DACs with ±10 V tolerances, and includes an onchip 3 ppm/°C reference, reference buffers, low-headroom/wide-swing amplifier, temperature sensor, power-on reset, power on/off output control, and I/O lines. The DAC is designed for precision industrial and medical equipment producers. (800-262-5643,

Flow Monitoring System

The SONARtrac from CiDRA Corp., Wallingford, CT, uses an array of sensors clamped on a pipe to measure real-time volumetric flow and amount of entrained air/gas present in any liquid, continuous-phase process fluid. The system also provides a measurement of the liquid portion of the flow by compensating for entrained air/gas in the process line. Flow velocity range is from 3–30 fps with ±0.5% of reading accuracy (with calibration), ±1% typical. Repeatability is ±0.3% of reading. Entrained air/gas range is from 0%–20%. (203-265-0035,

Solid-State Accelerometer

The Model SSA-100 from Columbia Research Labs., Inc., Woodlyn, PA, is a solid-state silicon accelerometer available in ±2 or ±10 g ranges. Its frequency response is factory set at DC to 100 kHz with wideband response versions available. Features include electrical connections made directly to solder terminals or via integral attached shielded cables, military-grade packaging techniques, and a rugged lightweight case design. (800-813-8471,,

Flow, Temperature Sensor

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