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Software for Very Large Sensor Networks: OrderOne Networks Scalable Embedded   June 1, 2013

In this article we introduce software that can be used to easily create large sensor networks for use in utility network metering, transit systems, and oversight of large industrial operations and facilities, among other applications.More>>

The Smart City Project in Santander   March 1, 2013

The city of Santander in Spain is the site of a large-scale Smart City test bed. As part of this project, Libelium's wireless sensor networks are used to collect data on a range of parameters important for the health of the city and its inhabitants. More>>

Optimizing Embedded Software in Your Sensor Application   December 1, 2012

By combining best practices with sophisticated software development tools and debuggers, engineering teams can produce compact, low-power sensor products.More>>

Can Batteries Really Last 25 Years?   October 1, 2012

A 25-year service life is becoming an international standard for long-term battery performance in wireless sensor applications. However, achieving this milestone is often difficult to prove, because primary (non-rechargeable) lithium batteries cannot be easily tested in conditions that accurately...More>>

Ultra-high-speed Quad ADCs Bring Flexibility to Your System   June 1, 2012

Ultra-high-speed ADCs, no longer limited to use in military or high-energy scientific applications, are being applied to a broader range of industries.More>>

Multinational Energy and Utility Companies and the Search for a Single Global Communications System   April 1, 2012

Wireless communication solutions approved for global use offer multinational companies a greater return on their investment.More>>

IEEE 802.15.4: The Number Sensor Solution Developers Keep on Speed Dial   November 1, 2011

When it comes to industrial wireless, many developers prefer IEEE 802.15.4 —especially when they’re looking for a reliable, low-cost, and low-power-consumption wireless technology option.More>>

The 2011 Best of Sensors Expo Award Winners   June 16, 2011

A wireless radiation sensor network, a 3D Hall sensor, chemical sensors that can be embedded, and amazing DA systems: Meet the winners of this year's awards!More>>

Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting   June 1, 2011

A breakthrough technology uses temperature differentials to power sensor-driven building automation systems.More>>

Wireless Sensor Networks for Fire Extinguisher Monitoring   May 17, 2011

Adding a wireless sensor network to fire extinguishers in large facilities or on sprawling campuses allows facilities managers to continuously ensure that the extinguishers are operational, present, and unobstructed rather than relying on a manual inspection every 30 days.More>>

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