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VTI Launches Gyro-Accelerometer Sensors

November 12, 2009

The devices combine the company’s 3-axis accelerometer with a near-tactical-grade 1-axis gyro in a single robust package for high-performance industrial applications.

VANTAA, Finland /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- VTI Technologies, a global leader in low-g MEMS sensors, has released a new family of gyro-accelerometer combo sensors for high-performance industrial applications.

Combining its market leading 3-axis accelerometer with a near-tactical-grade 1-axis gyro in the same robust package, VTI provides a higher level of performance in a smaller form factor. Target applications include inertial measurement units and guidance and navigation systems, as well as platform control and stabilization and motion analysis and control.

The new sensor product family is based on VTI's proprietary 3D-MEMS-manufacturing technology, which enables VTI to produce extremely robust, stable, and low-noise sensors.

The first members of the gyro-combo product family are SCC1300-D02 (±100°/s x-axis & ±2 g 3axis) and SCC1300-D04 (±300°/s x-axis & ±6 g 3-axis). Stand-alone gyro components will follow in 2010.

All angular rate sensors feature outstanding insensitivity to shocks and vibrations. The sensors are temperature compensated over the operating range of –40°C to 125°C. Bias stability (Allan variance) for the gyroscope is below 2°/h and bias accuracy over full temperature range <±0.6°/s. The combo versions feature two separate digital SPI-interfaces (one for gyro, one for accelerometer).

Dimensions for the lead frame–based package are 18.65 mm by 8.5 mm by 4.53 mm (length by width by height)

Samples of the SCC1300-D02 and D04 are available immediately, with volume production in 1H 2010. Pricing for 1000 pcs volumes is 48 €/pcs.

About VTI Technologies
VTI Technologies is a leading supplier of acceleration, inclination, motion, and pressure sensor solutions for automotive, medical, instrument, and consumer applications. VTI develops and produces silicon-based capacitive sensors, using its proprietary 3D MEMS technology.

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