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Industry news, new products, and technical information about low-power, low-data rate wireless networking standards and protocols.

Wireless's Domestic Turf War   July 1, 2006

Three major wireless communications protocol rivals have made new moves in home automation , while energy-harvesting pioneer pursues its own path to the building market.More>>

Debugging ZigBee Applications   June 1, 2006

Network analyzers include traditional packet sniffer functionality plus support for multiple data sources and advanced tools to analyze packet activity and minimize information overload.More>>

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TinyOS: Operating System Design for Wireless Sensor Networks   May 1, 2006

Typically, a TinyOS application is a concise program built upon a set of system services and reflecting the processing logic of its particular domain."More>>

Can Wireless Standards Work Together?   April 1, 2006

The industrial world has spawned numerous standards bodies. Can they bridge the chasms between IT, RF, and wireless industrial bus protocols with standards that deliver coexistence and interoperability?More>>

The Realities of Dealing with Wireless Mesh Networks   June 1, 2004

Mesh networking has great promise, but you need to understand the subtleties involved to effectively use a mesh network to meet your goals.More>>

Wireless Mesh Networks   February 1, 2003

Providing industrial-strength connectivity, this technology delivers self-configuring, scalable, and self-healing networks. And it's aimed right at distributed data acquisition and control.More>>





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