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Industry news, new products, and technical information about low-power, low-data rate wireless networking standards and protocols.

ZigBee Alliance Members Awarded Nearly $500 Million   October 29, 2009

The funds from U.S. Smart Grid grants are expected to spur more ZigBee Smart Energy implementations.More>>

ZigBee Meets IP   January 1, 2009

The Compact Application Protocol (CAP) is an open framework that combines the IP world with ZigBee technology, enabling users to operate devices produced by different vendors on existing networks without using an inefficient gateway translation layer.More>>

What a Mesh! Part 2-Networking Architectures and Protocols   December 1, 2008

In the second part of this two-part article we tackle network architectures and compare and contrast point-to-multipoint, ZigBee PRO (ZigBee 2007), 6LoWPAN, Wireless HART, and Digi Mesh networking protocols, laying out their key characteristics, benefits, and limitations.More>>

What a Mesh! Part 1-The Ins and Outs Of Mesh Networking   November 1, 2008

The first part of this two-part article discusses the basics: what do you need to know about wireless mesh networking and what criteria you should use when assessing a mesh networking technology.More>>

Designing Smart Energy Devices   November 1, 2008

ZigBee's newest profile streamlines the development of communications technology that will help consumers rein in energy consumption.More>>

Meet the Next Generation of OPC   July 1, 2008

Introduced in 1995, OPC enabled interoperability between Windows-based applications and process control hardware and software. The latest OPC specification, OPC-UA, seeks to improve and unify the earlier specifications into a single coherent foundation.More>>

New Implementations of OGC Sensor Web Enablement Standards   December 1, 2007

Wildfires, river basins, tsunami alerts, and environmental risk management are just some of the projects using OGC's interoperability framework for Web-based access and control of sensors and sensor data.More>>

Mixing Multiple Wireless Technologies   December 1, 2007

With the variety of wireless technologies available, outfitting an industrial or commercial environment for wireless communications may involve mixing and matching technologies to find the optimal solution. Here are the issues to consider to make your mix a successful one.More>>

The Big Picture: Sensor Webs in Disaster Response Demo   March 13, 2007

In an increasingly wired world, knitting together data from disparate sources into an interoperable whole can present disaster managers and first responders with critical information during a major emergency or crisis.More>>

Wireless Signal Congestion: Whatever Happened to Peaceful Coexistence?   October 1, 2006

There was significant channel congestion and the wireless systems didn't always function as the exhibitors had hoped.More>>





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