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An Introduction to Fiber-Optic Sensors   December 1, 2001

Fiber-optic sensors are becoming the first choice for applications characterized by minimal space, adverse environment, or EMI and RFI. Why? Part of the answer lies in knowing what a fiber-optic sensor is.More>>

A Smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System   November 1, 2001

Most motorists would pay more attention to proper tire inflation if the tires themselves could give regular status reports. Well, now they can.More>>

Manometer Basics   October 1, 2001

Manometers, devices for measuring differential fluid pressures, come in two flavors-liquid-based and digital. Knowing how each type works will help you make the best choice for your application.More>>

An Introduction to Analog Filters   July 1, 2001

Take a look at how analog electronic filters work. This introduction covers the basics, including the various types of filter functions and the circuits and techniques that implement them.More>>

Choosing a Humidity Sensor: A Review of Three Technologies   July 1, 2001

This discussion of the operating principles of capacitive, resisitive, and thermal conductivity humidity sensors also addresses their advantages, disadvantages, and applications.More>>

A User-Friendly, High-Sensitivity Strain Gauge   June 1, 2001

A single-crystal silicon strain gauge with a flexible polyimide backing combines the best properties of silicon and metal foil strain gauges. Its features include a gauge factor as high as 110, nickel or gold solder pads, and a 60 mil bend radius.More>>

Design and Manufacture of Automotive Pressure Sensors   April 1, 2001

As a rule, 80% of a product's final cost is established in the first 20% of the design effort. Understanding the necessary design practices beforehand can minimize cost and also improve your success rate in designing robust piezoresistive pressure sensors for the demanding automotive environment."More>>

Wireless Sensors--Buyer Beware   April 1, 2001

Wireless sensors are beginning to proliferate in the marketplace. But will the advertised solutions actually meet real-world application requirements, and if so, what will be their impact on operations? You be the judge.More>>

Diamagnetic Levitation: The Invisible Force   March 1, 2001

Until recently a laboratory curiosity, diamagnetism has entered the commercial world as part of a hybrid levitation system in which a diamagnetic force provides the necessary control stability and permanent magnets supply the lift.More>>

DSSP-Based Pressure Sensors   January 1, 2001

Advances in silicon-based pressure sensors are making microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) more vital than ever to the automotive industry. New designs are enabling higher performance, which in turn is opening the way for new automotive features. The key to this new breed of sensors is the use of...More>>





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