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In-depth technical articles on the various types of sensors and how they work.

Using Precision Digital Multimeters for Quick Checks on Temperature Transducers   November 1, 2003

Does this thing work? How a digital multimeter can tell you if your temperature transducer is working, broken, or confused.More>>

Nanotechnology-Enabled Sensors: Possibilities, Realities, and Applications   November 1, 2003

Operating on the scale of atoms and molecules, emerging nanotechnologies promise dramatic changes in sensor designs and capabilities.More>>

Tire Pressure Monitoring: An Industry Under Pressure   July 1, 2003

Federal insistence that auto manufacturers warn drivers of low tire pressure means a booming market in tire pressure monitoring systems-and efficient, flexible systems that directly monitor each tire will likely be the big winners.More>>

Wireless Mesh Networks   February 1, 2003

Providing industrial-strength connectivity, this technology delivers self-configuring, scalable, and self-healing networks. And it's aimed right at distributed data acquisition and control.More>>

Pressure Measurement: Principles and Practice   January 1, 2003

Do you find the sheer variety of pressure sensing methods and products daunting? This tutorial will help you take the pressure off yourself and put it on the right sensor for your application.More>>

Fundamentals of Pressure Sensing   July 1, 2002

Brush up on the physics of pressure and the operating principles of pressure sensors.More>>

MICA: The Commercialization of Microsensor Motes   April 1, 2002

Miniaturization, integration, and customization make it possible to combine sensing, processing, and communications to produce a smart, network-enabled wireless sensor. Here's how it works.More>>

Controlling Vibration with Magnetorheological Fluid Damping   February 1, 2002

A good example of unwanted vibratory motion is a washing machine in its spin cycle trying to walk out of the room. MR damping can correct this and other problem vibrations.More>>

The 1-Wire Thermocouple   January 1, 2002

A standard thermocouple can be combined with a lithium ion monitor chip to create a smart sensor that communicates with a PC or microcontroller over a single twisted-pair cable.More>>

An Introduction to Piezoelectric Motors   December 1, 2001

When precision outweighs strength on your desirability scale, a piezoelectric motor might be just what you need.More>>




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